The Best Skill Every Successful Business Person Has

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Usually, people are MONEY-chasers, like the cheetah in this 20 second video:

Successful business people are “VALUE-chasers.”

What’s the difference?

  • Money-chasers are takers, they’re selfish. They don’t really care about their customer, they only care about their benefit. “I just want to get paid!”
  • Value-chasers are givers, they’re focused on producing and delivering value to others. They’re always asking themselves “How can I give more? How can I be more valuable?”

The best skill every successful business people have is the skill of being amazing PRODUCERS OF VALUE!

Think of it this way… the more valuable your job, product or service is to other people, the more money they will be willing to pay you.

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The better you become, the more value you deliver, the more there will be increase in demand of your job, product or service. People want your product, offer the value driven aspect of it instead of you having to push each sale with every manipulative sales technique available.

We usually measure success in monetary terms, but true success is the amount of value the individual or the business is able to deliver to the marketplace.

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