You Can Now Pay For Facebook Ads and Other Foreign Bills Without Limit


Just yesterday I needed to pay for about three services using my Naira debit card but was rejected. I was so frustrated to the extent that I had to make my challenge known on my Facebook timeline.

I posted a request for whoever could help me out with a $200 bill and whalao! A comment dropped in the comment box and it was Adedokun Oluwaseyi, my ex-school colleague (a bad programmer) who gave me a tip about this platform –

On visiting the platform, there came another hurdle. I was totally confused as to how to go about this thing! I mean, I just want to making a simple payment and get my ass out of that seat. I had to abandon the site.

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Grading the long story straight, I was scrolling down my facebook timeline this evening and I got the solution to demystifying one of the biggest challenges faced by most SMEs in Nigeria – Paying for services/products in foreign currencies.

When banks in Nigeria have limited foreign transactions to just $100 monthly, I mean that’s too small!!! On this platform, you can transact and make payment as much as possible.

How does it work

Watch the video below. Credit to Rich Social Inc.

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