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SMEs Can Now Invest in Estates/Properties Below N1m

So I know many Small Business Owners out there still think it strange or see it a BIG deal to invest in properties such as land; if you’re one of them, kindly change your perspective about it right now because Real Estate, I mean property is the new oil. Some few years back there was a place called ‘Maroko’, a swampy and never believed to be an area that will become developed someday. Land owners/Real estate companies were pleading for people to buy into those area for stipends. As a matter of fact, a friend was telling me recently that his father was given 2 plots for FREE but the ‘poor’ man still rejected the offer!

Fast forward to today, a plot of Land in that area now goes for anything from 50 – 250million naira without telling you ‘Thank You’ after purchase. That area now has now become the area of the well-to-do citizens of Lagos, Nigeria and it’s called LEKKI.

Really, as an SME, it is advisable and very important one tap into future investment opportunity; the ability to spot the future is something you should develop within you because in another few years from now, your colleagues would have grown their business from small to medium and even Large; trust me, you don’t want to be left out!

Just like ‘Maroko’, in few years from now, Lagos is going to be shifting major business activities to a fertile ground currently known as IBEJU LEKKI. As a matter of fact, billions of dollars are currently been invested in that area right now for the construction of Lekki Free Trade Zone (LFTZ), Deep Sea Port, International Cargo Airport, Dangote Refinery, Dangote Cement Factory, and lots more.

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LFTZ Nigeria Lekki Free Trade Zone
The Lekki Free Trade Zone

According to report released by the Lagos state Government, over 400,000 people will be working in the LFTZ alone, what does that tell you? The demand for housing, business services, products, rents, etc, will be very high in that area and that’s just for LFTZ workers alone, let alone people that will work in the refinery, the port and so on.

Lagos is really jam-packed, that is why you can be hooked up in traffic jam for hours. A 20 minutes distance in Lagos must be planned reserving 1hr 30 minutes, else you just might miss that appointment. This is another major reason most business activities will be moving to Ibeju Lekki in few years from now.

And you know what?

As a smart SME, I’m already seeing the future of that area 🙂 and may I alert you now that thousands of people are already smarting out to grab same opportunity already – if you’re not, my dear, don’t be caught UN-aware when things change and guess what, things are changing faster than you think.

Master Plan of Lekki-Free-Trade-Zone-LFTZ-master plan
Master Plan of Lekki Free Trade Zone-LFTZ, Ibeju Lekki

One of the smartest things you can do right now is investing in a land property or two in that area as most of the properties in that area are still very much affordable. As we speak, we have estates currently selling for N1.5m, N2.5m, N3m BUT considering the SMEs, I’ve been able to compile list of available properties you can get below N1m! Yes, you heard that right. Genuine properties WITHOUT Omonile Wahala – as a matter of fact, you’re getting it in an estate, with intact documents.

With Less Than N1m, you can own an investment in the soon to be high-brow area of Lagos and watch your invest appreciate over 300% in no time!

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Now, this is not for everybody; we are giving this opportunity to Small and Medium Scale Businesses (SMEs) only to tap from this and have an investment portfolio in real estate.

So, if you think you’re up for this, the link to get the portfolio of our estates for less than a million naira is just right below and please NOTE – these offers and prices can change anytime from now as properties are appreciating really fast in that area!

And in cases where you’re not in Lagos or you don’t intend living in Lagos, let me wow your mind that we have people from Maiduguri, and eastern part of the country who already invested on this already. The truth is, you don’t have to live or build there – I’d rather put my money where it will fetch me 100% ROI in one year than fixed deposit in bank and get almost Nothing! Now that is SMART move.

You can invest and sell off in few years time.

Now we are giving this opportunity to the first 100 SMEs only! After the 100th download, the link will be taken off from here. So, hit the download link below;



P.s.: Don’t wait to Invest! Invest now and wait, so as to Reap when it’s time for harvest. You don’t want to miss the opportunities our fathers missed back then, Act Fast! Act SMART!!!



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admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
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  1. Even if anyone bought a landed property in the then Maroko you wouldn’t have still owned such cause the take over by the rightful owners the Oniru had rubbished whosoever bought a landed property then in Maroko.


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