If You’re Going to be a Successful Entrepreneur, Cultivate This Habit

If You're Going to be Successful, Cultivate This Habit

A student asked Elon Musk the following question;

“What is the number one tip you have for all the young entrepreneurs waiting to startup?”

In short, Musk’s answer was a simple “don’t do it!”

This response may seem discouraging but it is rather clever.

habits of successful people

The explanation:

Being an entrepreneur has been overly glorified in movies and TV shows. Running a company is difficult and most people aren’t ready. They idealise the thought of success but when it comes to action, nothing gets done.

Entrepreneurship involves a lot of failures, risk-taking, effort and a willingness to commit to years of work before seeing any success. The successful businessman embraces the daily struggle and dives in with determination.

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In Musk’s words, if you are discouraged by someone telling you not to do it, then you were never meant to do it in the first place. A strong entrepreneur will have the ability to not be put down by anyone’s discouragement.

The habits of highly successful people are clear. They have grit, patience, resilience and never let a failure set them back, but rather, move them forward. They are aware that the only person stopping them from reaching their true potential is themselves.

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