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10 Ways to Work Smarter in Your Business

If I had six hours to cut down a tree, I’d spend four hours sharpening the axe. ~ Abraham Lincoln

Here are 10 ways to work smarter not harder.

  1. Result-oriented: Focus on the results you want, not the hours you put in.
  2. Take-naps: A nap can increase cognitive function i.e. getting more done in less time.
  3. Parkinson’s law: If you have all day to do the job it will probably take you the whole day but if you only have two hours you will find a way to do it in two hours. Give tasks a deadline.
  4. Chunks: This advice is common but the application is not. Start working in 25–30 min chunks with 5 mins of a break.
  5. Set-schedule: Whether it’s a day before or early in the morning having a game plan for the day will save you a lot of time and stress.
  6. Relieve stress: Apart from other bad effects, stress can hinder your productivity. It will be very difficult to get any work done.
  7. Notifications: Don’t check social media or messages during the first half of the day. It’s a waste of your most productive time of the day.
  8. Don’t work hard: Don’t fall prey to the quotes that say “I work hard and also smart”. That is simply not possible. If you put more effort than required (hard work), then that’s not smart work at all.
  9. Mindfulness: How productive would you be if you could keep your attention on a task without getting distracted every five seconds? This is something most people will never achieve in their life but I hope you do. Start meditating.
  10. Enjoy life: It is as important as working to give your mind new experiences in life because once your routine becomes mundane you will stop having new ideas. Do things you enjoy i.e. sharpen your axe.

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