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15 Hot Business Ideas for Students in University

Dear Undergraduate,

Whilst you’re yet in school, it is important to build your entrepreneurship skills along side making extra income for yourself to complement your pocket money. Guess what, you don’t need to be a genius to start something, it is okay to learn along the process and become better gradually such that when you’re done schooling you can either upgrade on what you’ve built or otherwise.

Here are list of some Profitable Businesses you can Run On Campus As a Student.

BAKING: if you are skilled in Baking then this is your opportunity to earn. Lots of Birthday Parties go on everyday on campuses. Don’t wait for them to come to you and order for it , No! Once you hear someone is about to have their birthday, visit and wish them a “Happy Birthday in Advance” then throw in “that you can make them a yummy cake just for a token”. Don’t be surprised, if you’re good they will announce you to their friends.

PHOTOCOPIES: Once new Materials are released in your Department, tell everyone that you can help them get their own copy. Charge them cheap, visit a photocopy center and tell them you will be getting work for them on daily basis and wish to have a commission for all the works you bring. You will be signed to it and money will start flowing.

PHONE REPAIR: If you are good with Phone repair then let everyone know. Don’t ever keep quiet with what you can do. Anytime you introduce yourself, introduce your business/skill too. The rate of mobile phone repairs in schools is very high cos students hardly have budget for a new phone when their phone has issues.

CLOTHES: If you are a female, then you are more advantaged in taking up this business. Get cheap clothes and Visit Different Hostels and Lodges on Campus. Girls don’t get tired of wearing clothes, make sure you also have your contact on a printed paper; drop it with people that buy from you they might need your goods later too. You can also learn how to source for these nice clothes in China and USA for very cheap amount.

LAPTOP AND PHONE CHARGING: If you stay around areas that power supply is a problem, get a generator and constructed extension; business have started already. You can charge phones for 50naira and Laptops for 100naira. Test the market and see how it goes.

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HAIR DRESSING: Are you good in making hair, styling and fixing of weavons? Please start immediately. Give your colleague student’s price and get them to refer people to you for commission.

COMPILATION OF PAST QUESTIONS: Get past questions of any Level and course you want, compile them and start selling few weeks before exams. So many students are always looking out for past questions especially during exam period. This is the time to cash-out on this.

USHERING SERVICES: If you are capable of sharing food, drinks and making sure that an event has a taste of service, then take this up; join an ushering group or create your own. Ushering agents work at birthday parties, orientation grounds, dinner nights, get-togthers, meet-ups and others. Get a brand name like “Exquisite Ushers”, come up with a logo (you can learn how to design a logo yourself by clicking here), get an instagram and facebook business page and start promoting your service. Tell people about your service and even offer commission for anyone that brings job your way, by so doing, you will get people marketing your business for you. But the, ensure you render a great service.

WEB DEVELOPMENT/DESIGN: Can you build websites? If yes, join fiverr or upwork and put up your portfolio. You can make as much as 100USD per job (that is N35,000 and more) if you’re very good. Meet small business owners and help them move their businesses online for a token.

GRAPHICS: If you can design fliers, handbills or other graphic works for individuals or companies, then you’re made! Incase you don’t know how to start, check figma or try Adobe photoshop, better still you can learn the easy way to graphics design usnig CANVA by clicking Here.

OUTSOURCING: This business does not require any training, anyone can do it. You can outsource anything and still earn big. Take for instance let’s say you’re a 200L student, and know a few people who are graduating soon…. Meet with their course representative or coordinator; tell them that you can make jackets, Hoodies and sign-out shirts for a token. Show them samples, get the job and outsource to a good fabric brand that can sew well. Business is done and you still get your commission/percentage. Other things to outsource include laptops, project work binding etc.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Do you know you can earn big with this? If you have a good camera, start coming to lecture with it. Take pictures of people while in class, during rallies or any other activity. Take random pictures of people “let’s say someone is coming out of lecture Hall or school gate, give them a shot and show them”, some of them can go ahead to request for a printed copy because these things are memories. You can even try this at church after service has ended. Now go and get that money!

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BLOGGING: Blogging is a very lucrative business only if you know how. Yes, there are tons of blogs out there but only a few are making good income but you know what, here is a top notch secret for you – Get a Niche Blog. By niche blog, I mean you need to develop a blog that is focused strictly on a particular topic or industry. Now, there are so many gossip and news blogs, so the competition is high already. Why not focus on a blog that writes only about Travel, Dancing, Arts, Product Reviews, Make up, Babies, Maternity, Cars, etc. This is what Niche blogging is all about and when you do this, your blog will be seen as expert in that field. People interested in that topic will always visit and you will get adverts from businesses in that niche. So think about it.

TAILORING: Do you know how to sew? Then this is absolutely for you. You can move your sewing machine to your accommodation and get sewing jobs from friends. Post your job in several department showing great styles for student with affordable price. Only ensure not to collect more than you can handle per time, so as not to disappoint your customers and also not give you chance to read your books.

MAKE-UP: Ladies like to slay when they are having party or their birthday photo-shoot. If you’re good with make-up then this is serious income for you. You can charge anything from N3,000 – N5,000 for student per make-up job. Additionally, you can also engage in training other students how to do make-up in a space of a month or two and earn your money. Click HERE If you are interested in the makeup business.

I will stop here for now, if there are other businesses you’ve tried on campus; do well to mention them in the comment section.

Inspired by Esther Ebere

admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
Abbey Oyetunji is a Business Growth Strategist. An IT Mogul & Web Developer. Reach via mail: [email protected]


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