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What Business Should I Start?

This is a very common mistake… a very dangerous question!

If you’re looking for ideas, this is a recipe for disaster!


Because you’re trying to find the idea and then mold yourself into it.

What do I mean?

We all have unique abilities. Your partners have special abilities. Your job is to explore those amazing gifts and make the best out of them.

Let me explain with an analogy:

Imagine you’re a shark. You were made to swim. Your natural abilities are so unique and powerful that you can easily catch any prey found swimming in your territory.

But wait, Mr. Shark,” someone says, “I’ve seen amazing opportunities on land. You would have abundant animals to eat! It’s easy. All you have to do is learn to run like a cheetah!”

Ridiculous, correct?

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To answer your question, if you dream of being an entrepreneur and want to find a good business opportunity… start with you!

What are your strengths and weaknesses? What is your passion? Purpose? Budget? Location? Technical abilities? Who are your partners, and so on,…?

Lesson: If you’re a “shark,” hunt for prey that swim, and please don’t make the mistake of trying to become a “cheetah!”



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