How To Stay MOTIVATED This Week

how to get motivated

Motivation is like an unfaithful partner…

You’ve got to let her go!

  • An unfaithful partner is NOT committed to the relationship. Likewise, motivation will be present whenever she feels like, and will leave you stranded on the most difficult days.
  • An unfaithful partner is NOT trustworthy. Likewise, motivation is not reliable, stop relying on her!
  • Motivation is NEVER loyal! It will turn her back on you sooner than later!

  • Every successful person I know didn’t achieve success because of “motivation.”
  • Every successful person I know achieved success because of DISCIPLINE!

I spent many years searching for motivation, until I realized that I can’t live my life based on how I feel.

Motivation is a feeling, and like all feelings, motivation comes and goes.

STOP searching for motivation and work on building HABITS around your life. Habits are not based on feelings, they are loyal and 100% reliable.

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Kick that unpredictable thing called “motivation” out of your life & #NeverGiveUp!

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