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Embrace Entrepreneurship ICAN advises

The recent graduands of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) have been charged to embrace entrepreneurship to curb the high unemployment rate in the country.

The guest speaker at the event, Mr. Blessing Obehi Ayemhere, who is also the General Manager/Head Commercial and Finance of Midwestern Oil and Gas Company Limited, said this at the recent 47th induction ceremony of ICAN AATWA (Accounting Technicians, West Africa).

Chaired by ICAN President, Isma’ila Zakari, the two-day event which was held in Lagos,
kicked off with the lecture series that dovetailed into the induction ceremony proper.
Addressing the 650 young graduates of accounting technicians, some of whom were prize winners, the guest speaker emphasised the importance of having dreams as young accountants.

He cited such dreams as those of transiting to and qualifying as chartered accountants, dream of being value driven employees who will not only work for salary but help to build successful businesses, therefore earning a place of pride in the organisation where they work.

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He also emphasised the need for the inductees to understand clearly what they really want to with their lives.
He added: What are your dreams? Though the nation may be plaqued with numerous challenges, there is hope if only we can dream of a preferred future and commit to do what will make actualisation of such dreams possible.

“The rate of unemployment in Nigeria and indeed the Africa continent is alarmingly high and the only way we can combat it is to take to entrepreneurship.

“This can be achieved if the inductees will free their potentials and think beyond doing accounting jobs to creating opportunities especially in this era of technological innovations.

“Your potential is the you that can achieve uncommon heights. We must be creative and innovative, that is the only way we can be relevant in the scheme of things.

“We must set clear goals about success, as without goals, we only drift and flow in the current of life.

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“Goals raises confidence, improves capability and activate your drive. The size of your goal is what is naturally activated for achievement.

On creativity he said, While five plus five equals to 10, there are many number combinations that makes up 10.

“If you a fixated on five plus five you will loss the huge benefits that the variants of 10 offers; nine plus one, 12 minus two, six plus four and 26 minus six, etc.

“Don’t look at a challenge from one angle instead, be creative enough to see the many workable alternatives.

“The key takeaway about creativity and innovation is execution! No matter how good your creative and innovative ideas are, if you don’t execute them, they will be as good as nothing!

“Stop telling people your dream, Show them by execution! Again I ask, what are your dreams?”

admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
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