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How to Scale Your Facebook Ads Campaign

Running Facebook ads like a pro is essential before you come about the topic of Scaling your ads. So if you are oblivious on how to advertise on Facebook the right way, you might want to take on this training first.

Scaling is probably the hardest thing to learn if you are new to Facebook advertising. But this does not mean that you should get worried because there are always safe zones you can play with.

But before you do, you must understand how many different types of scaling there are.

We have two different types of scaling.

1 – Horizontal Scaling

There is horizontal scaling which means basically making your testing appear on a large wide scale. This involves, testing different ad sets for copy, creatives, videos, audiences. Basically, horizontal scaling involves you trying to find your winning ad set.

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This could be a combination of your winning ad copy, winning demographics, winning audiences. Once you have your winning combination, you move into other types of scaling.

2 – Vertical Scaling

Now since all of your testings is done, you want to scale up. Vertical scaling is your control on the budget level. You can scale up or scale down your budget based on the tests you have run.

Now you just don’t scale your budget up. You do it fractionally. If you are running $100 a day campaigns or lower ones, then it’s best if you scale $5 or $10 gradually over the next few days consistently to see where it goes.

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If you want to scale up hard. You copy your winning formula – duplicate it and test it on a bigger budget.

A good practice for scaling is to have a percentage defined. Like for example, you can test out an increase of 30% of your original budget every 24 hours. Or you can do an increase of 50% every 48 hours.

What this does is it gives time for your ads to settle and Facebook attributes to log in important data for you.

If you need to understand more about running Facebook ads, click HERE.

admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
Abbey Oyetunji is a Business Growth Strategist. An IT Mogul & Web Developer. Reach via mail: [email protected]



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