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Becoming A Franchise Entrepreneur

For a start the term franchise refers to a right or license granted by a company to another company or individual to market its products or services in a specific territory. It could also be a store, restaurant, or other business operating under such license.
The FRANCHISER is the owner of the original product or service or brand while the FRANCHISEE is the person or company granted the franchise by the franchiser.
Franchising Business Opportunities or Franchising has been an appealing entrepreneurial stage for ambitious people over the years especially in United States and Europe. But it has started gaining grounds in Nigeria though majorly it is still between oversees franchiser and Nigerian franchisee. However a few local brands have been evolving into significant franchiser model in recent years.
Owning a franchise license or being a franchisee would mean that you simply needs to take after a set of business model set by the franchiser. You would not have to contribute considerable assets to create the brand or business market. It has potential to be a lucrative business if well managed.
A dynamic franchise brand with extraordinary potential, is a clear success for an entrepreneur if you have what it takes to acquire such franchise.
Here are some of the great advantages of pushing your entrepreneurship with franchising model.

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Softer and Better Market Penetration
Franchising a known brand would create softer market access especially if the product lien, services are  entrenched in the market.
Access To Accumulated Business Knowledge
The franchiser would readily provide supports for the success of the business. The supports would be coming from the wealth of experience as well as technical know-how, skills and networks.
Minimal Business Development Risk
Franchising can produce high budgetary returns for moderately little business development investments and risks. You would have considerably reduced your cost of growth yearly without any hidden cost incurred.

Access To Financing
Franchisers will normally help business people get financing for expansion but many financial institutions would be comfortable dealing with you if your franchise is recognised or existing brand with some level of success in the market place. Banks have a tendency to be more open and favourably disposed to franchising on the grounds that the business is less risky than doubtful new companies. Moreover, the franchiser will be the wellspring of credit supplies to your business.

Instant Name Recognition
Franchisers would normally publicize their business in addition to the reputation they have gathered over the years. A well-known name gives your business an instant kick off as the publicities and reputation would immediately cover your new business.

Instant Business Support
Franchisers give preparing projects to help ambitious people realize all parts of running a franchise. They additionally offer aid in picking an area, arranging leases, setting up the franchise business.

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* Next publication will address the other side of transforming and expanding your existing business by granting franchise to other businesses or entrepreneurs.

*We shall also address how to go about establishing franchisings on both sides.

admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
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