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Understanding Your Industry Trends

From the look of things in Nigeria, there mighty be possibility of another lock-down. Though the only thing currently stopping the government is the fear that the current economic situation may not be able to handle another lock-down. This in itself is already a pointer to any business person to start putting up strategies that will keep their business going regardless of lock-down or no lock-down. The truth is, every situation that is disadvantageous carries in it an equivalent advantage for people who foresee the situation and prepare ahead.

Early last year, when most countries started locking down almost everything including economic activities, two things happened. One set of businesses thrived better, and another set of businesses suffered. Some even went out of business completely. Most of the businesses that suffered were businesses that did not embrace the trend of establishing an online platform for their businesses. A good example of such are religious organisations. The lock-down period was a time where medicine couldn’t give the world a solution, live football matches was suspended, a lot of things were on hold, and people were looking for a solution.

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Most people at that point wanted a place where they can find safety and words of encouragement. Over the years, they’ve been told that safety can be found in God, and one place where people are suppose to be taught correctly is in the church. But churches were also locked down, except for those who have built and strengthened their online platforms. Churches who did not follow the trend of building a strong online platform before the lock-down suffered greatly, whilst those who did had a tremendous growth.

One church that I know so well that has a strong online platforms prior to the lock-down, use to have between 3,000 to 5,000 views on their YouTube streams alone every Sunday. During the lock-down, their YouTube viewership alone grew to over a hundred thousand viewership. Truly, tough time only comes to either reveal your weaknesses or your strengths. This year 2021 has come to do exactly that. Make sure you are developing strength.

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Every business must build online an online platform.



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