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How To Get The BIG Money Clients

Here’s the golden rule of getting premium clients, and it’s this simple – “you cannot catch a big fish with a Small bait“.

And here’s what I mean by that… I’ll tell you a story.

I have this client consulting with me who is into Real Estate, we spoke last week, as a matter of fact he’s been running ads for a while now. Burnt like $2000 on ads since late May and would get all this leads but like almost nobody was biting on his offer.

I know what you’re thinking… But No, the offer wasn’t the problem.

Neither was it the funnel or the close.

We’d get to what the problem was in a minute, but back to the story.

So this guy’s company flips houses in Lagos, PH and Abuja.

They buy houses that are probably old, or not so good state or from a distressed seller at a discounted price, then refurbish it like new and sell for profit.

They do this for other people too. In fact, the goal of their ad was to look for people to invest, and then they do the work for them.

They charge N1M upfront plus 20% profit commission on houses flipped (it depends). It is pretty good service and they know what they are doing. They’d get all these leads with hardly anyone subscribing.

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It seemed like people weren’t interested in that kind of thing.

And I was like “dude, I don’t understand why this gig ain’t working for you, maybe you’re doing something really amateur on the ads like “hey, if you attend this webinar I’ll show you how to make N2M a month flipping houses in Nigeria”.

Turns out that was exactly what they were doing.

Now, Let Me Ask You a Question!

If someone is signing up to learn how to make N2M/month, do you think they are already making N2M per month?


Right, which means they don’t have N20M – N150M to acquire a house in the first place.  So they can’t afford the service.

Just like most people trying to land premium customers, they missed the golden rule.

“They were trying to catch a big fish with a small bait”

The problem was the Hook.

So what’s this Hook of a thing?

It’s a message in your ad copy that intrigues people to want to take you up on your offer.

Knowing what the problem was, we then got to work, next day we came up with a new idea.

Made a video showing the actual process of flipping a house. The new hook now looked like this: “How I paid just N35M for this house in Festac and quickly sold it for N48M.”

The targeting didn’t change but the quality of people now entering the funnel changed tremendously because if you don’t have money to invest you have no business clicking the ad.


So he called me last week, started the new campaign in July and have gotten 3 solid premium clients already.

Understanding the “Awareness Level” of people you are trying to reach will help you craft a good hook.

Here’s a Quick Formula: 

  • If you’re talking to people that are “Unaware of the problem” –  Hook should create awareness for the problem.
  • If you’re talking to people that are “aware of the problem” –  Hook should create awareness for the solution.
  • If you’re talking to people that are “aware of the solution” –  Hook should create awareness for your OWN solution.
  • If you’re talking to people that are “aware of your solution” –  Hook should offer them a deal or incentive or bonus with urgency.

Hooks are the trickiest thing you’ll do in setting up an ad campaign and it is both subtle science and art to get good at, so the more you test and analyze your results, the better you’ll get.

by Mike Leo.
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admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
Abbey Oyetunji is a Business Growth Strategist. An IT Mogul & Web Developer. Reach via mail: [email protected]



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