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How Much Should an Early Startup Business Spend on Marketing?

Your startup will look like a beautiful bonfire for a few days. You will...

Avoid These TikTok Marketing Mistakes

Marketing on TikTok can be very rewarding for you if you do it right. The platform already has over 500 million users...

How To Get Your Customers to Keep Talking About Your Business

You want the world to know about your products and services. After all, you provide something unique and useful to your audience...

Why You Need to Create a Relationship Before You Sell

Whether you are selling physical or digital product, it is absolutely crucial that you build a relationship with your potential customers before you try...

Why Your Business Must Have an Email List

Email Marketing is something that most businesses overlook. They’ll work on building their Website, Facebook, Twitter and all other forms for social...

Why You Should Start Using Facebook Ads Right Now

The internet is the hottest place today to earn cash. If you are planning to start an online business, then you first need...

Avoid These 5 Things When Running Facebook Ads

When running Facebook ads, it’s important to know what you should and shouldn’t do. A tiny tweak to a good performing adset...

How to Get Customers for your Business

You can find clients by adopting differentiated marketing. Marketing starts with you and gets more powerful when every employee...

Cheap Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Business Online

There are couple of marketing strategies and I mean very cheap ones you can adopt right now in promoting your business online....

Why Small Business Owners Struggle to Make Sales

Struggling to make sales in your business happens cos you are not getting your marketing properly done! Stop throwing...

If You’re Not ‘Dating’, You Can’t Make Sales

Marketing is much like dating Here's what most people do... They go out into their marketplace and...

Business Marketing Lessons From ‘Danfo’ Bus Conductors

If you are conversant with Lagos in Nigeria you will know about those yellow commercial buses and their operations; even tho Lagos...

How To Get The BIG Money Clients

Here’s the golden rule of getting premium clients, and it’s this simple - "you cannot catch a big fish with a Small bait".