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If You’re Not ‘Dating’, You Can’t Make Sales

Marketing is much like dating

Here’s what most people do…

They go out into their marketplace and scream offers to prospects…asking complete strangers to marry them!

It’s ridiculous.

The embarrassing truth is 3 short years ago I was no different…

I started business from my bedroom, desperately cold-calling and searching for clients…

It was tough. I had no money or capital.

Everything that I learned in books, blogs and courses didn’t work which simply left me dead-broke and frustrated. 

Instead of giving up, I went back to the drawing board and started from scratch….

I stayed up nights and worked through weekends…

Eagerly trying to figure out a way where I could completely flip the model and have clients come to me…

What had changed?

I figured out how to create a ‘selling’ that inverted the dynamics of the relationship…

Instead of desperately hunting for clients and being laughed at, I had prospects waiting in line excited to speak with me!

Well, it all comes down to a distinct process…

You see, just like in a relationship there are a series of steps that you must take a prospect through to get them to buy your products or service.

Just how you might go out on a date, grab a coffee, have dinner, start dating, fall in love…. and ultimately get married.

It’s a process, with varying levels of commitment along the way to reach the end goal.

But most business owners or Sales People are blindly obsessed with trying to make a sale shaaaa and  “closing the deal” that they completely ignore the series of steps it takes to actually convert a stranger into a paying client.

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They think everybody wants what they’re selling…

“We’ve got the biggest range, the best hair, the best real estate, and the best service… Come and buy our stuff!”

“Get a quote”, “Speak with our team”, “BUY, BUY, BUY!”

And they wonder why their business is stagnant and stuck.

This is equal to walking up to a complete stranger and asking them to marry you at first sight!

They would laugh at you!

Let’s look at it this way.

There are 3 types of traffic you can attract into your business…

1) Cold: Tinder Traffic

This consists of people who have no idea who you are (this is the majority of your market). Just like a Tinder profile, you’re a complete stranger, and what they see on your ad or landing page will determine if they want to ‘swipe right’ and know more.

2) Warm: Second Date Traffic

They’ve met you, they know you, but they’re certainly not sold on you yet. They’re sussing you out to see if it’s a good fit, but one wrong move and you’re history.

3) Hot: Netflix and Chill Traffic

This is the audience equivalent of a long-term romantic relationship. They’ve worked with you in the past, they know all about you, and they’d be happy to spend all their time (and money) with you if they could.

Now, most businesses are treating completely Cold Tinder traffic, like a Netflix and Chill audience.

They’re asking people who have no idea who they are to buy straight away!

No wining or dining…Nothing!

It makes no sense.

You see, if you want to have as many clients, customers and sales as you can possibly handle, you need to look at the temperature of your traffic and adjust your offer to match it.

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Everything about your ad, offer and landing page must be targeted to maximise the relationship you have with your traffic.

The plan is to take them from Tinder all the way past the Second Date to Netflix and Chill.

Having the ability to do that is what take you to achieving your business goals and it’s how you really scale a business and win.

Now one strategy I always advice is the 60-40 content on your platforms strategy.

60% of educative and informative great graphic content while the remaining 40% on marketing your products/services.

And guess what, creating great content on your social media pages that people will love and take you serious has to come with great graphics designs which you have to do regularly.

You can take this free course on How to come up with great graphics content for your business yourself, without having to spend huge chunk of cast to graphics designers every now and then. Click HERE for the course.

If you’re making this mistake in your marketing efforts and don’t make a change, I’m sorry but you don’t have long left.

Your business will soon be extinct.

Crushed into a fine powder that scatters in the wind…

Because if you’re someone who tends to stagnate, contemplate and rarely takes action on business growth activities and expansion plans, this new digital economy will chew you up and spit you out.

However, if you want to make the shift from “business owner”, to “business builder”…and watch your business grows at a rapid rate…

Take Action Today.

Stay Focused, Stay Hungry and Stay Humble and Always Hustle.

(this post was inspired by Olaide Okubena)

admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
Abbey Oyetunji is a Business Growth Strategist. An IT Mogul & Web Developer. Reach via mail: [email protected]


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