When Should I Start Marketing?

When should I start Marketing

Unbounce founder started content marketing on their website 1 year before product launch.


20,000 post views, 5,000 email signups and website authority before the product hit the market.

Marketing does not start after the product is launched,

It starts at the idea stage of the product.

The world is too advance in tech and data analysis to build your product on assumption and hypothesis.

You should have enough data to back up your hypothesis.

Believe it or not it’s not all problems that users want to solve; It’s not all problem that users want to pay money to solve.

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So, buyer persona, data collection and analysis, product and market research should be done before full commencement.

Dropbox founder released different prototype (marketing) videos for dropbox that drew a flood of early adopters and got them the backing of the powerful Y combinators backup.

Marketing is core for both existence of a product and growth.

How how do you include marketing

1. Founders should have a marketing perception/background

2. Get someone with growth, product, or digital analytics marketing experience as either co-founder or early employee.

3. Meet a Marketing consultant at the idea stage of your product

Most times it’s just a few feature adjustments to make the product market-friendly.

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by Nyerhovwo Maryk

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