Why You’re Still Struggling Financially

why you are struggling financially

The rules of work have changed.

Most likely you’re working for money, meaning you’re selling your time in exchange for money.

This is called earned income.

To better illustrate this, earned income is like a farmer working with his hands.

His production efficiency ratio is 1:1 = ZERO leverage

It’s extremely difficult to achieve financial freedom with earned income.

To increase your income, you need to use some kind of leverage.

The better the leverage, the more effective your hours of work will be.

Back to the farmer example:

With the use of a tool (leverage) the farmer above can produce 5 times morevalue’ during the same hours of work.

Now, the farmer is using not only a tool, but also the power of animals (increased leverage) to boost production.

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This farmer can now produce 500 times morevalue’ during the same working hours.

What ways are you LEVERAGING in your business to increase earnings?

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