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Lessons From One Of Ubong King’s Virtual Sessions – in loving memory of the ‘Trouble Maker’

Lessons From One Of Ubong King’s Virtual Sessions – in loving memory of the ‘Trouble Maker’

“Today is going to be more or less like an imparting meeting. I’m going to be transferring from me to you. I’m going to be telling you how I became who I am today so that you can become you should be. I’ll try to be calm but if I go off, forgive me it happens like that”

These were his exact opening words at the meeting on the 12th of December, exactly two weeks before his death on the 26th of December

He read to us from the book of Prov 25:2; It’s the glory of God to conceal a matter but the honour of Kings to search it out

  • One of the ways by which you can search it out is to look around for you to mentor you. If your leadership doesn’t have what you need, it can’t give it to you but you can search for where you can get it
  • Whatever you name is, it’s a prophecy calling over your life. You become what they call you. If you have to change your name, please do. What is the meaning of your name? He had to change his name from what it was to Ubong King (Glory of a King)

On his journey to looking for a mentor, he discovered Solomon in the Bible and shared with us lessons he learnt from Solomon and David

  • Solomon became King between the ages of 12 to 13, he was less than 18 years before ascending the throne.
  • Solomon had good mentorship from his father David, who do you have? Where do you get your life lessons from? 
  • Solomon wasn’t the 1st or even 3rd son, overtaking is allowed. God isn’t an orchestrator of tradition, it is who He finds available He uses, so you are permitted to overtake
  • David told Solomon to kill 3 people when he ascended the throne. If you’re going to win in this life, there are people you need to cut away from

Don’t ever get emotional in success. If you get emotional, they’ll take you out. If you’re going to be a king, there are people you’ll always fight with, people you don’t want in your space

  • Solomon sacrificed 1000 goats because he wanted to connect with God! If a goat costs 70,000 naira, he gave the worth of 70 million naira to get connected to his source
  • Before any King takes over a position, they do some sacrifices because you must connect to the level of ancestry that was there. If you’re going to win you have to tamper into realms nobody has before. 1kings 3:4-14
  • He sold and sowed his car before starting out on his journey. Get ready to tamper with your comfort to enjoy a different dimension, get ready to tamper with your life to enter into covenants
  • Solomon teaches us to keep journals because he was always writing. The book of Ecclesiastes, Songs of Solomon and Proverbs was written for his sons as a guide so they won’t repeat his mistakes. These books should be read by every man

 CYCLE OF LIFE: Psalm 90:12

1. 0-5 years (Age of Innocence).

2. 6-12 years (Foundational years to learn languages, values etc. If a child isn’t learning anything at this age, he’s learning something wrong) At 12, Jesus was already engaging the minds of professors, don’t pity your children at this age for not studying. Do something positive with children of this age around you.

3. 13 (Age of puberty, year of Bar Mitzvah, already a man/woman).

4. 14-19 (Youthful age, Vision Definition years).

5. 20 (Year of decision, you are no more a youth!) Num1:2,3 you’re able to go to war, responsible for making your own decisions. As a parent, prepare your children for age 20.

6. 21-29 (Age of Trial) Try and fail, then make it work. Fail early!

7. 30 (Age of Grace) e.g David became King, Joseph became the Prime Minister and Jesus started ministry at 30. Whatever you’re doing when 30 meets you, you have the grace to do it more. If you were sleeping, you will do it more. Age 30 announces you to the world, so you should have known your purpose.

8. 31-39 (Age of Speed) Where you put in your all and run. Grace is the gift that chases disgrace.

9. 40 (End of Probation) an age where you should have passed all doubts and gotten recommendations.

10. 41-49 (Era of Mastery) You should have gained mastery in whatever you’re doing.

11. 50 (Peak of your Career).

12. 51-59 (Mentoring Years) Where you transfer your expertise to the younger generation. Things are awry in our time because people that are supposed to be mentoring are still chasing their dreams.

13. 60 (Age of Retirement).

Leviticus 27:1: From 20-60 years, God sees you equally in value and worth. This should be your most productive years. Your age is your accuser

Numbers 4:3: 20-30 years (Trial Age), 30-50 years (Effectively putting yourself out), 50-60 years (Retirement age). Knowing this formula and your age will fire you up, plot out where you are on the map and know strategies to apply

  • If you want to chase money, make Job your mentor
  • If you can’t count, you can’t be rich. Let’s calculate his wealth in today’s equivalent. Job 1:3

* 7,000 goats: 7,000×70,000=490 million

* 3,000 camels (luxurious buses): 3,000×45 mil=135 billions

* 500 oxens (1 oxen=2 cows, so 1,000 cows): 1,000×350,000=350 million

* 500 donkeys equivalent to trucks: 500×32 million=16 billions

* Total of all= 151,840,000,000

Job was the richest during his time and also upright. It’s possible for you to be righteous and rich. But when the devil came, he lost all. He got back double for his loss in a space of at least 10 years!

151,840,000,000 × 2 = 303,680,000,000

How? Job 29:2-17

Job got his wealth doubled because he invested in the people economy whilst he was rich. There’s wealth in people!

Extra Lessons:

  • Your target will give you direction and your direction will give you association
  • Your brain isn’t for memorizing but for processing. So make sure you write things down to go over them again. What you write, you remember
  • The Bible admonishes us to HONOUR your parents, not OBEY. Whenever your parents do not agree with your purpose, you have the license to continue as long as you have confirmation. Just make sure to honour them. Remember, as from 20 years old, you can make your decisions

These are what I learnt from Dr Ubong King’s last session I attended. I hope this will help you as it has helped me and serve as a compass, one he left on Earth before transcending to the world beyond.

I’ll miss him

His Zeal, 

His Vibrancy, 

His Humour, 

His Unique Expressions

His Passion

His Commitment

His Wisdom

His Energy!

God didn’t create another Ubong King. 

Rest in Power, sir

I choose to honour you this way

© Confidence Chukwuemeka

admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
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