Abbey’s Advice To Small Business Startups

Abbey Oyetunji - Publisher, SME Digest!
Abbey Oyetunji - Publisher, SME Digest!

If you run a business, whether big or small business, as much as it’s good to post them on your Facebook timeline, trying to advertise them, most times that move doesn’t work.

It’s not like your friends don’t have the resources to buy or patronize you, it’s just a norm on social media, “people don’t send your progress”.

That’s why when you post something important about your biz, you get a few likes and maybe 1 or 3 comments. Post something that won’t impact your life and see the likes, shares and comments trolling in like their data just started working.

To salvage this situation, irrespective of how small your business is, please open a business page on Facebook and learn to run “professional” Facebook ads. Even if it’s just $10 (N3,500) you spend in a week advertising on Facebook, the results will amaze you.


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