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When I’m About Giving Up, Here’s What I Do to Motivate Myself…

I say to myself, “Okay Hector, you have two choices. You can either let the consequences of this defeat change your life, or you can take control of yourself to change your future circumstances.”

My friend, sh*t happens. Guaranteed. Life is difficult. It will be uncomfortable. Some days I have every reason to feel depressed and give up.

Other days I just want to stop I’m tired, I need a break — yet the difficulties keep piling up.

I used to complain, “Why is it so difficult? Why did this happen to me … again? I hate this situation!

Other times, “Why don’t they do something about it?” I ’m complaining about the government, the economy, my parents, my teachers, you name it!

Yes, just a ridiculous victim mindset.

One day, I realized that the difficulties and complexities of this world will never end. Never!

That’s when I understood that if I wanted to improve the quality of my life, I was the ONLY one who could change it!

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So, today I say to you, “Wake up!” No one will ever be able to do it for you! I don’t care who you voted for, if the policies change or not, you, and only you are the one responsible for your future.

Change is inevitable, accelerating and never-ending. I used to face change with the wrong attitude. I hated it because it pushed me out of my comfort zone.

Today, I understand that it’s the challenges of life that make my life interesting! When I’m “hiding” in my “cocoon” of fears, I’m dead.

Growing, moving forward, making progress in life is what makes our life worth living.

I remind myself that ‘our comfort zone is the “death zone.”

There’s a HUGE misunderstanding in our modern society. Most want it easy. Even worse, most EXPECT things to be easy. As a consequence we see society playing the blame-game:

  • Blame our parents for our bad habits.
  • Blame teachers for our ignorance.
  • Blame government leaders for our finances.
  • Blame the economy for our debt problems.
  • Blame our sickness for expensive medical attention.
  • Blame diversity for our social problems.
  • Blame tobacco companies for cancer.
  • Blame governments for unemployment.
  • Blame busyness for not starting my business.
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Most won’t accomplish their goals because they’re not willing to fight for it!

Today, nations are in trouble because politicians are selling the dream of creating employment for the people …

Wake up. that’s nothing but marketing. They’re talking to your entitled mindset to accomplish THEIR goals, not yours!

Today, whole nations are struggling and suffering the consequences of their victim-cultural mindset that they’ve produced, whole nations victims of the easy “pampering” system they sold to the people.

Giving up is a decision.

So, remember this next time you’re considering giving up: Your life begins at the end of your comfort zone.



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