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Mini Importation Business: How to earn 6 & 7 figures monthly!


You see, whether you’re hearing of this business for the first time or you’ve heard of it before, what you’re getting here is next to none! I promise you.


Before coming up with this post, I did a research on mini importation business here in Nigeria and you know what, 98% of what I saw were approaching the business wrongly!


I’ve been into the business for quite some months now and trust me when I say those Infos are not valid, except you want to run mini importation business the archaic way. And that way has got no profit at all, you will hardly do 6 figures in revenue, let alone 7 figures.


Now for those of us getting to hear about mini importation for the first time, mini importation, just as it states is bringing in mini products from other countries down here to your country in order to sell and make good profit.


Most of the time, these products are sorted from China, and don’t get it twisted, I’ve heard people shouting…. Ahhh china products are all fake – that’s a BIG LIE, from the pit of hell.


China produces for virtually every country in the world but the problem we have especially in Nigeria is we ourselves. Yes, we are our own problem.


Do you know that in order to make massive money, some business guys will go to China and tell these manufacturing companies to reduce the quality so the production cost will be cheap and end up sending sub-standard products to nigeria, just to make more money. And some other time, just to serve the low income buyers.


Having said that, there are good products from the Chinese market.

Now, in mini importation business, we don’t just go looking for the general kind of goods or products that is readily available in the market here in Nigeria, NO!


Don’t even think of importing antenna or Bulb or TV or DVD.. No, leave all those for the Alaba guys. The competition is fierce from already established brands to an unknown cheap name in Alaba international market.


So, far from that. The kind of products you will be thinking of importing are unique products that are not easily able to come by, most times, they are products the consumer himself don’t know that he needs. It’s now our duty to let them know that they seriously need it and you’ll see them calling for it in mass.

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Example of such products are; spy cameras, waist trimmer, belly trimmer, fuel saver, car scanner,  rechargeable blender, butt lift, etc. There are tons of them.


Now, where and how can you get these products

So many so-called mini import guru will tell you go to Aliexpress and get these products or Alibaba. As much as Aliexpress is very awesome for product sourcing, I’m here to let you know that buying from Aliexpress is way too expensive. I will show you a platform you will get same product you see on Aliexpress for $10 for less than $4 – yea!

More so, you don’t get to wait for 15-60 days to get your products down here with exorbitant shipping cost. In less than a week, you can get your ordered products down here and pay way much less.


Potential Revenue in the Mini Importation Business

You can earn as much as 6-7 figures monthly from this business.

For example, a tummy belt cost around $10-$15 from Aliexpress and cost $1 from 1688.com (this is the site where we get deals cheaper but you still need to understand how it is operated cos the site is in Chinese).

Now ordering 50pcs of this belt cost $50. Then with shipping and other logistics will amount to $100 max. That’s about N37,000.

Most sellers sell this belt for N10,000 and some N12,000. Let’s say we settle for N10,000 so we can gain the market. The entire 50 pcs will be sold for N500,000.

Now, deduct your product cost and advertising cost. If we spend say another $100 on advert, that will make out total cost be N37,000 + N37,000 = N74,000.

Profit = N500,000 – N74,000 = N426,000

And you can sell out all 50 in a week, trust me.

Now repeat this process say 2 times in a month and you’re on your way to closing almost a million naira monthly. That’s how awesome this business is.

And there are many other unique products that has HUGE demand.


How to Sell

Having brought down these products, we don’t just sit down and expect the sales to come in or start posting on our Facebook timeline – hell no!

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There’s what we call professional Facebook advertising. This require you to have a Facebook business page and the know-how on how to run Facebook advert professionally – it’s not rocket science, you can do it!

As you can see in the example I gave above, I included an advertising budget of $100. That’s what we will be spending on this Facebook advert.

Once you’re done with learning the entire process in mini importation as outlined above, you’re good to making good money regularly.

Now, it’s very essential you understand from Product Sourcing, to how to Purchase Products from this cheap site, to how to Ship your products faster and cheaper, How to Sell them off using Facebook advert and also very important is the Logistics Company to use in distributing your products to customers – I recommend AGS 247 Logistics.

To be on your way to financial freedom with mini importation business, I recommend the Grand Commander of Mini Importation Business in Africa, in person of Pat Ogidi.

I’ve got so many request of people wanting to learn the business, but you know what, there is an already created full comprehensive tutorial that will take you hands-on, from the beginning to the end and even more.

Trust me when I tell you this tutorial is comprehensive and the sweet thing is… It’s all video tutorial, with a clear explanation on everything you need to know.

Pat Ogidi did a wonderful job on this one, you can’t stall any further on this tutorial. You’ve just got to open your arms wide and grab it before it goes off (I learnt the tutorial is going to be taken down very very soon)

There are a whole lot of testimonies from people that have gone through this training, already turning in millions, trust me, you don’t want to be left out. Just go over this LINK to see for yourself.

Click HERE now if you want to start earning 6-7 figures as a mini importer, you’ve got nothing to loose.

Check it out and come back to thank me later.

Hope to to see you killing it in the mini import business soonest!

admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
Abbey Oyetunji is a Business Growth Strategist. An IT Mogul & Web Developer. Reach via mail: [email protected]



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