what is a business model
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What is a Business Model?

Imagine wild cats — while they’re incredibly similar, yet each one has a very unique way of hunting.


  • The cheetah uses its speed to catch its prey.
  • The tiger uses its camouflage and slow movements to approach and surprise its prey.
  • The jaguar loves to hunt animals in and near the water. Unlike other cats it catches its prey by the head, not the neck.
  • The lion is great at outsourcing. He sends his lioness team to hunt.
  • Lionesses catch prey leveraging the power of teamwork.

In a very simple way: what is a business model?

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Imagine that the resemblance of the ‘cats’ above means the transportation business: People pay you to take them from the airport to their final local destinations.

How do you do this is your business model and this is what differentiates you from other transportation services.

You may deliver the same end result (moving people from the airport to their destination) by:

  • Bus
  • Yellow taxi cab
  • Black Towncar
  • Luxury limousine
  • Executive services with special security
  • Uber
  • Shuttle service
  • Corporate groups
  • City Metro
  • Helicopter service

Same service, different ways of delivering.

The beauty of business models is that they’re only limited by imagination, and finding the right business model can make a dramatic difference!

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