How Your Small Business Can Compete Against Large Corporations

how small businesses can compete with large corporations

How did these small businesses win?

  • How did Netflix (a startup) take over the movie rental business and destroy Blockbuster video?
  • How did Uber take over the taxicab industry?
  • How did Microsoft Encarta destroy the +200-year legacy of Encyclopedia Brittanica?
  • How did a startup named “Google” take over Yahoo’s main business?
  • How could Sam Walton (Walmart) pulverize the behemoth retailer Kmart?
  • Why is Walmart so scared of Amazon?

How can small businesses compete against huge corporations?

Startup entrepreneurs can only win using their BRAINS, not their “physical” strength.

Think about it …

Behind every “David and Goliath” story in business there’s a common denominator:

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Strategic innovation.

The ONLY way for small businesses to compete (and win) the battle against large corporations is through strategic innovation.

I’m talking about creative ways of using technological leverage, distribution leverage, talent leverage, financial leverage, tax leverage, branding leverage, etc.

If your business is struggling, don’t work harder. CHANGE your strategy!

NEVER try to fight “Goliath” by using his same weapons. Think outside the box and surprise him.

Remember: Strategy wins wars!

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