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Setting Up An Online Business With Zero Start-Up Capital

No business start-up has guarantee of success and online business is not an exception.

Success is not tied to the amount of money you spend to start that online business. Some experts will argue that innovation has a greater chance of securing success than the capital you invest in an online business. Since success depends on many variables, including innovation and capital employed, a zero start-up cost would help you leverage other resources.

Let’s look at how you start an online business without any initial financial investment. 

Most of what is involved is quite common and simple to do. They may have other requirements but one thing that is true to all of them is that you do not need a dime to start.
Note that even if you have the capital the focus of this article is that you can keep the capital away and go ahead with your business start-up without it. 

Becoming an Online Commission Based Sales Representative

Selling other people’s products is one sure way of starting an online business with zero capital. If there is a challenge with this method, it is that you might not take it as seriously as you should. 

Some people that go into selling other people’s product fail to invest the time and effort needed to organize themselves well enough to make a success of it. And that is a big mistake people make by depending on their capital for success when what they needed was just investment of their energy and time. At end the business will fail with capital lost.
Getting the right product for you is one of the things you need to succeed in selling other people’s product online.
There are hundreds of thousands of products online that are being legally sold by people who do not own the products. They are rewarded by the commission they get from each sale. This means that what you earn is dependent on how successful you are with selling such products. So the success is entirely up to you. Sometimes the right product is not determined by the product itself but your ability to peddle that product.

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There are products that you might have better ways or ideas of selling them than other products. Have this in mind when searching because it is what you can successfully sell according to your skill set, ideas and connection that should dictate your choice of products to sell.

A hot selling commission based item may not be right for you to pick because you do not have what it takes to sell it. Recognize your limitation and do not join the crowd or pick products because people are selling it. On the other hand, you might find a product that is not so hot but you just know how to go about selling it! That is the kind of product that is right for you.

If you can have a couple of products like that, you might become more successful than the original owners of the product.

Most times, this method of earning income online is called Affiliate marketing.

How do you start?

1. The Power of Research

Research will make you know which products are successful in the market. It will make you know strategies to adopt when selling a product. 

2. Setting Up A Free Sales Platform: Things Needed

Since we are talking about how you can start an online business without spending a dime, the platforms you will be using are the ones that come free.

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3. You Need Sales Pages

Your sales pages can be free single page websites or adapted from blogs. Your sales pages should be compelling. Try to avoid overselling by linking them to a blog that already has much content related to the product.

4. You Need A Free Blog Account

You will use the blog to create a content based platform solely intended to market the products. You can adopt indirect means of selling the products by developing engaging content directly related to the products you are selling. For instance if you are selling fishing products, you can set up a blog with that in mind. Write about fishing and fishing related experiences. Occasionally talk about fishing equipment and how easy or frustrating some can be when you are not so used to them. Have guest bloggers post interesting pieces related to fishing. Build content around fishing and allow your account with websites like Amazon, which you have connected to the blog through ads and links do the rest. You can have more than one product and blog having content related to that product directly or indirectly.

5. You need social media

Social media have taken over and it’s no doubt companies and organisations are reaching out to prospective customers/clients via these platforms. This is a platform you should also harness by creating a presence that will make your blog/brand more visible to potential buyers/customers and it is free as well.

admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
Abbey Oyetunji is a Business Growth Strategist. An IT Mogul & Web Developer. Reach via mail: [email protected]



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