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7 Cheapest Physical Business To Start In Nigeria.

Given the uprisen Nigeria’s economy that inflates every product beyond its ordinary price, these 7 cheapest physical business can make you quick income without having to break the bank.

Everyone blames the also inflated dollar that caused all price to skyrocket. Well, that observed, but now is not the time to whine over spilled milk. Below are the seven cheapest physical businesses to start in Nigeria.

1. Pure/Bottle water trade business.

Water is the source of life and also depicts how well a living thing flourishes. Water is a necessity.

Water trade business flourishes better in the dry season as the weather itself calls for it.

For instance, water trading thrives better in heavy traffic, so if you live around or know your way to an endless congested traffic, you can just imagine what fortune you make daily selling Pure/Bottle Water to commuters.

2. POS Business        

This is the akin ATM like business that trends even in rural areas. All you need is the machine and a billboard to show you are into the POS Business.

You can even make it as a side business for your customers to make use in case they run out of cash.

3. Gadgets/Phone/Electronics Fixing

For the versed electrician that repairs any damaged wiring electronics. You don’t have to own a shop for your name to ring a bell in people’s ears.

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You can use your home compound and let, your integrity and expertise pave clients for you.

4. Fashioning Business

Clothes, attires, apparels and so on are also a part of our existence in times of culture, occasion, daily, outing etcetera.

Clothes symbolize diverse things. So as a fashion designer, fashioning styles for people at a lucrative price is good and also helps to afford our bills, especially in this financial situation. Fashion designing is cheap to start on as an entrepreneur.

5. Catering

Since we are going for smaller scale business, that is cheaper to start in with the recent financial restraints in Nigeria.

So let’s start with small scale catering like baking and frying puff-puff, egg roll, small chops and the likes.

Almost every one like fried or baked foods for lunch, so if you happen to open a business along a busy road or a big office where people come to buy lunch or takeaway for later in the evening. You will always be excited by counting your sales at the end of every day.

6. Liquid Soap/Homemade Cream. Soaps, creams are necessary items every household needs.

Therefore, being an entrepreneur of necessary household items is a lucrative business, especially if you produce antiseptic creams and disinfectant soap will boost your brand.

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7. Photography

Pictures are taken to remember old times shared together or to rekindle present union.

Therefore, becoming a photographer in helping people to revel in their euphoria is not only good, but at the end of the day, it pays the bills.

Photography to involves taking pictures of things you desire or of public interest and sell it to interested bodies like the press, Private bodies and so on.

Photography is all about art and how well you structure your pictures well to give a unique or catchy outcome. In conclusion, Nigeria’s case can get worse resolutely, but it is entirely up to us Nigerians to get affected by the case or to glide over the uprisen economy.


Irrespective of how cheap it might be to start these businesses, they still require funds and dedication to seeing it grow and succeed. The seven cheapest physical business stated above are not limited; there are more you can also research and tap from.

Felix Anago
Felix Anago
Anago Felix is a Business Strategist with the goal to Inspire and Influence entrepreneurs and Business Owners with the Strategies to Build, Grow and Scale a Profitable Business.


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