That Thing He Should Never Had Done!..

What he never should have done - Success is the number one killer of potential

I remember Diego, my childhood friend.

Diego was extraordinarily gifted in school and in sports. He was so good playing soccer that he would score all the goals in the game.

Diego was also extremely competitive, he loved to glorify his successes. He even had his famous “in your face” arrogant celebration dance.

We hated when he made fun of us!

Time took care of Diego’s arrogance, as he became the victim of his own success.

What things should we NEVER do?

Never be impressed by what you have done!

Diego got so excited and comfortable in his achievements that he destroyed his potential!

Diego could have accomplished extraordinary things in his life, yet he got so satisfied with his achievements that he wasn’t willing to make any additional effort to accomplish more.

Diego later became ‘average.’

NEVER stop improving yourself.

Potential is what you can do, but haven’t done yet. Potential is everything that is still unused inside of you.

Success is the number one killer of potential.

NEVER be impressed by what you have accomplished. That will kill your potential.

Stay humble. Always keep pushing yourself.

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