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How Afrocab Also “Blew” Her $1million Investment

Just when we were still reminiscing and bidding GoMyWay good bye from the business world, a notification on the blowing away of $1 million investment in AFROCAB suddenly popped up on my Facebook notification and it was coming from one of the head teams of the “gone so soon” Afrocab, so I know it’s true!

Afrocab blew 1million dollar

You heard that right – $1million is equivalent to N350,000,000 that is three hundred and fifty million Nigeria naira, KES103,200,000 Kenya Shilling! GHC4,405,000 Ghanian Cedis. “Blood of Zachariah”

Just to to think that the $100,000 investment on GoMyWay was mere ‘chicken change’ in the hands of Afrocab’s, but then, this keep me thinking and asking myself…

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Is Money The Real or Major setback for Startups?

The essence of this post is not to condemn or appraise how the funds was blown to thin air, let’s share our views, we want to hear your own opinion as to the subject of discussion. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

The rececent closure of businesses even with “huge” investment funds, WHAT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR BUSINESS CLOSURE?

Kindly drop your your views using the comment box below, really, we need to talk here and learn from everyone.

The comment box is just below…. Drop yours and read others.


admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
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  1. Most times funds become a major problem when skill is lacking. It all happens as a result of improper Management. That’s all.

    Doing the right thing with the available resources is what matters.


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