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Why You WON’T Get Funds For Your Business

Most challenges faced by small businesses revolve around sufficient cash flow to run the business. It’s nearly impossible these days to keep a small business running with money drawn from your own pocket. Whether it’s purchasing inventory, hiring new employees, or opening additional locations, any type of expansion requires extra working capital.

Finding this capital is becoming harder for a significant proportion of small businesses despite the wider variety of financing options available.

The fact that it’s becoming increasingly difficult for small business owners to secure funding through a bank makes it even more challenging. There are a variety of reasons why banks are declining loan requests from small business owners.

We’ve written down some top reasons why you are not able to access bank funds, you don’t want to miss out on No. 8.

1. Lack of consistent cash flow

Banks tend to favor SMEs that have a steady revenue stream and consistent cash flow coming in every month. SMEs that can’t demonstrate this consistency are denied loans significantly more often than not.

2. Insufficient collateral

For SMEs, lack of sufficient collateral excludes them from obtaining financing because loan applications usually include a request for a viable piece of collateral in order to complete the transaction and receive funding. That’s not a problem for large businesses that own property or other big ticket assets, but it can be an insurmountable hurdle for SMEs.

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3. Debt-to-income ratio

Banks are wary of lending to businesses that have existing debt with other lenders. In many cases, they won’t even consider lending to a business that has already taken financing. Since many SME owners seek credit from multiple sources, especially during the start-up phase, this can be a major strike against them when applying for a loan or cash advance from a traditional bank.

4. Customer concentrations

Banks are often skeptical of businesses that report a significant bulk of their sales from only a select number of customers. Lenders, in general, like to see diversity in a business’s clientele as opposed to the same customers. For example, a local pub or restaurant that relies mainly on its “regulars” for steady income can present a perception problem with traditional banks.


5. Insufficient credit

In the wake of the recent recession, banks have increased their credit score standards, but many small businesses have credit scores that are still suffering from the aftermath of the financial crisis. In most cases, a business will need a high credit score to get a foot in the door for a bank which may be too high for many SMEs.

6. Personal guarantees

Personal guarantees from business owners are requirements from banks, but that also makes the owner personally responsible for paying back the loan. That’s a precarious position for those struggling to stay on top of expenses every month.

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7. Insufficient operating history

Banks give preferential treatment to businesses with lengthy and significant track records. After all, they don’t want to fund a business that has been operating for a while, but hasn’t sustained a certain amount of success and credibility. Banks demand a solid track record of generating profits over a specific time period in order to receive funding. Without that solid operating history, an SME will make likely be rejected for a loan.

8. Lack of Sufficient Related Information

Insufficient information about how a particular bank processes her loan facility might also disqualify your application to securing funds from them, hence the importance of getting first-hand information before approaching the banks.

Securing first hand information that will ease the process of securing funds from the banks will be made available on the forthcoming SME Financial Forum, come 14th of November. At this event, various banks will be on ground to dissect the hurdles SMEs have been facing in accessing funds. You don’t want to miss out on this one. To be part of this event. Click HERE now to secure a seat.

admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
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