Why Immigrants are Always More Successful in Business Than Indigenes

why immigrants are more successful than locals

Have you noticed the trend yet?

Have you observed that immigrants or foreigners that moved into a different country tend to succeed more than the indigenes in those country?

Take close look at the founders of Google, Yahoo!, Tesla, SpaceX, AT&T, Pfizer, Instagram, eBay, Whatsapp, and thousands of other successful companies; what do they all have in common?

They were founded by immigrant entrepreneurs.

Bringing it local, do you observe that most people that relocated from their states, especially state of birth to another state, tend to succeed more than the indigenes or locals of that state? Look at the Igbo guys in Nigeria, most of them moved down to Lagos, some not knowing anybody, but have tried to succeed one way or the other, likewise other persons.

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The question is, are immigrants better and more successful entrepreneurs than locals?

I think they are! Why?

The qualities that immigrants develop to adapt to the new country are qualities that also help entrepreneurs succeed:

An adventurous spirit, grit, courage and a unique perspective on gaps in the markets.

Successful entrepreneurs adapt to our world’s changing environment. Similarly, immigrants are required to adapt to new cultures, new markets and new laws as they leave their homes to explore new worlds.

Another characteristic found in both the entrepreneur and the immigrant is persistence — through time, they both develop resilience which is often needed for success.

Entrepreneurs deal with taxes, immigrants with visas. Entrepreneurs face permits and laws, immigrants tough scrutiny of immigration laws.

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Visionary entrepreneurs frequently have the immigrant perspective of an outsider.

Immigrants have fewer opportunities than locals, so they must develop entrepreneurial skills in order to make a living in the new country.

Probably, the most important thing found both in entrepreneurs and immigrants is the expression frequently attributed to Hernán Cortez, “Burn the boats!

Immigrants are so grateful for the opportunity to start over that they will literally “burn the boats,” meaning they will not look back, which reinforces their burning desire to win.

Like entrepreneurs — immigrants frequently have no choice; either they win or they “perish.”

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