How To Succeed in Life!

how to succeed in life

How does one succeed at life?

Here’s the ONLY way, let me show you how in six easy steps:

STEP 1: Take a piece of paper and make two columns and write down answers to these questions below:

  1. Who you are today.
  2. Who do you want to become.

Here are a few examples:

  • Health:
    • Today I’m fat and sick.
    • I see myself strong and healthy.
  • Work:
    • Today I hate my job.
    • I see myself in my dream job.
  • Education:
    • Today I’m not learning anything.
    • I see myself reading two books a month.
  • Finances:
    • Today I’m stuck with debt.
    • I see myself debt free.

STEP 2: Draw a line connecting your before and after statements.

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STEP 3: Next is the critical part of this exercise. On this line write down what needs to happen in order to achieve that goal.

To answer your question, let’s go to step four…

STEP 4: Do it!

STEP 5: Be 100% accountable for YOUR actions.

But… but… it’s difficult.

But… but… I don’t know how.

But… but… nobody helps me.

But… but… I don’t have the money.”

Yes, excuses will ALWAYS be your shortcut to your comfort zone.

Every time you find yourself complaining about your current lack of “success” in life… go back to your worksheet and revisit step three and four.

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STEP 6: Repeat indefinitely until goal is achieved.

Never forget this:

Who you BECOME tomorrow starts with what you DO today.

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