An Entrepreneur’s Diary of Being Broke and in Debt – Pt. 1

An Entrepreneur's diary of Being Broke and in Debt
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When I left banking in February 2019, I knew the journey was going to be tough at a point.

I remember “Vusi” saying, “List 10 things you hope you won’t experience as you wait for your business to become profitable.” Then he added, “be rest assured, 9 of the 10 things would happen to you.”

Well, like most optimist and first time (full-time) Entrepreneur, I assumed, the tough rough times won’t be long.

“After all, I have been doing spoken word poetry events for a while. Our brand should be able to carry me through,” I thought to myself.

However, I did not tell myself, that the spoken word poetry events had not been profitable in terms of liquid cash. It had largely been funded by our salaries.

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Upon leaving my banking job, I gathered my severance pay and savings and warned myself over and over again, “you will play it safe, no risk whatsoever, stay within the limits of what you can see and not what you think you can see.”

So some months later, when my guys asked me, “How far with War Of Words Season 8?”

My normal logical and playing safe answer should have been, “NO. We would only do it if we get sponsorship.”

Instead, my dream and imagination got the better of me (as always) and I jumped right into it.

Yes, I did pray to God about it.

On a certain day at midnight, I said, “Baba God, do we do WOW 8 or not? You know say salary no dey again o, I no want make my wife pursue me comot for house. So Baba God, give me a sign. If you want us to do WOW 8, let rain fall from 6 am today. If not, don’t let rain fall at all.

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Well, at exactly 5:55 am, the rain started. I was excited and thought. “wow, it is a season of overflow, too much money is coming our way.” However, at exactly 5:58 am, the rain stopped.

Haa, which kain sign be this?

Did God get the timing wrong ni?

Should I shift the goal post?

Or did I mistakenly say 5:55 am in my prayer?

Watch out below for part 2

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