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Your IDEA alone Will Not Make You Succeed But This…

Everybody wants a magic pill:

Few want the diet and hard exercise instead:

The same is true in business, investing or any other domain. Most people want the get rich quick idea.

Few are willing to focus on execution with persistence, discipline and determination.

In reality, it is execution that matters not ideas, and discipline is essential for execution.

This quote sums it up:

A person with average natural talent, but with a lot of discipline to execute long-term, can easily beat somebody with superior ideas and natural talents.

We see it all the time in sport. Sport stars that look good at 18, 19 or 20 but they go off the boil due to lifestyle or lack of discipline.

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At the same time, you see people with minimum levels of natural talent do well.

What really separates high performers from others though is discipline for a long period of time.

Many people can be disciplined for a few months or even years but tend to give up too easily.

Ultimately, anything worthwhile takes effort and sacrifices.



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