What They Didn’t Tell You About Quitting Your Job to Start Your Own Business

What they didnt tell you about quitting your job to run your own business

A good friend of mine decided to quit a couple of years ago to start his consulting business.

Positioned and recognized as a business leader in his industry, he felt it was the perfect time. “It’s now or never,” he said.

He talked to his wife. Everyone in the family got involved supporting the dream.

Month one… nothing happened.

Month two… nothing happened.

Month three… nothing, four, nothing.

Five, six, seven… ten months passed by and nothing happened. Not a single client.

When Rob first called me asking for help, he was very stressed. Immediately I could visualize his mistakes. We signed an agreement and I started coaching him.

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It was difficult. To my surprise, Rob was extremely stubborn and struggled with corporate pride.

“Hey, Rob, relax my friend. I’m not threatening your position or your authority here. I’m here to help you.”

I could feel the backstabbing scars of the corporate world still coming to light ten months after his last day on the job.

Don’t quit on your dream. Do get some help!

Let me explain. Corporate skills are very different from the entrepreneurial mindset.


Rob was focused on creating profits — I was focused on creating value.

Rob was stuck in producing — I was focused on building.

Rob was stuck in the Industrial Age — I was focused on challenging him to anticipate changes which are coming from the Digital Age.

Rob wanted to improve — I wanted to innovate.

Rob was obsessed with his personal image, nice suits, beautiful logos, expensive brochures — I was obsessed with having happy customers.

Rob wanted to control — I wanted teamwork.

Rob wanted a new self employment career — I was pushing him to change his business model.

Rob managed to restructure his strategy to find success. Today he enjoys the freedom and lifestyle he fought for for years.

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