Thursday, November 26, 2020

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The Most Important Person in a new Startup

The most important person in any startup is: The Rainmaker... Without a rainmaker on the startup...

The Reality of a START-UP…

“Who wants to go to Disney World?” I asked my kids. Immediately they reacted shouting, “Me! Me! Me!”

How Can I Start a Business With No Capital?

We‘re always brainstorming ideas, yet we frequently find ourselves with limited resources to execute our “extraordinary” dreams —  don't we?

Starting a Business Without a Business Degree

People commonly think they need professional skills to manage a business like Amazon with 600,000 employees. Do NOT...

Do I need to have a huge amount of money to...

No capital? No experience? No partners? STOP waiting to have these problems magically solved to start your business!

What You Should Know Before Starting That Business

Any business needs to meet these two simple characteristics to get started: You need to deliver something so...

Businesses you can Start with Little or no Capital

As an entrepreneurship trainer and conference speaker, there are words I don't fail to say to my listeners all the time. Words like, ‘all...