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Businesses you can Start with Little or no Capital

As an entrepreneurship trainer and conference speaker, there are words I don’t fail to say to my listeners all the time. Words like, ‘all you are is all you know’; ‘To be more is to know more’; ‘What you don’t know is bigger than you, but the moment you know it you are in charge’; ‘If you don’t read you cannot be read’.

Why are these words imperative to the subject of starting a business? Anyone who intends to start a business may not necessarily know everything, because no one knows everything, but he or she must know little of everything because that is what will sustain the business until the business grows to that point where it can employ people who are technocrats in the area where the entrepreneur knows little about.

With that in mind, in this edition let me throw a new business idea out to someone who may have some characteristics of an entrepreneur but is yet to decide on what idea to run with.

Consulting Business

What will I be doing?
The vast opportunities that exist in the consulting market continue to explode, as consultants have become a necessity in today’s constantly changing business landscape. As businesses strive to adapt to new technologies and keep up with the most up- to-date information, more and more organizations are relying on consultants to help them keep up-to- date and show them the direction of the next business shift. Consulting on what? That depends. If you have knowledge in a particular discipline, you can consult for businesses that require your services in the area of your discipline. For example, if you have skills and training in bookkeeping you can put them to work keeping records for other businesses, by that you are building a business of your own.

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What will I need to start?

Your greatest need as a consultant is your experience, skill, and knowledge in your chosen field. You do not need to be recognized as the ultimate best in your field to become a consultant, what you need is the ability to sell yourself, and an up-to-date and vast understanding of the area in which you intend to be involved with. Insight, thorough study, and common sense can be joined together as a substitute for years of experience in a field. Note that there are a number of fields that require certification and special licensing before you can begin operating as a consultant.

Who will my customer be?

Individuals are seeking the help of consultants, such as choosing the right financial instrument for retirement savings and what company stock should they invest their money. Consultants are now tapped to help run complex database projects, develop productivity improvement programs, and prepare business plans. As you define your service you will be defining your customers and how to reach them. 

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How can I get started?

Sufficient training and experience to convince prospect to hire you is a good place to start your consulting business. If you lack extensive experience get some through internship or any short course certification program. Also, you may recognize problem that is facing a particular business and shape solution to the problem and send them a proposal. 

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admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
Abbey Oyetunji is a Business Growth Strategist. An IT Mogul & Web Developer. Reach via mail: [email protected]


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