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You Can Now Start Your Mini eCom Business with almost Zero Budget – eComX

The Mini eCom Business or What so many know as Mini Importation business is one lucrative business that has empowered so many youths, giving them good income on a daily basis for those that know how.

Beyond just importing the common items such as bags, shoes, etc; there is this other aspect of the Mini eCom business where products that are been imported and sold are very unique and not common in the market. These products are sold with more than 500% ROI.

This aspect of this business is called the Lucrative Mini Importation Business.

When you understand how to run the Lucrative Mini Importation Business, you will make more income faster and better than others.

But then, it comes with great technical know-how on how to run this business lucratively.

Also, starting this business requires you to have good amount of capital but then, do you know you can now kick-start your own Lucrative Mini eCom business with almost zero budget?

eComX has made it easier for you to start your own Mini eCom business without having to invest huge funds in stocking up products to sell, you absolutely don’t need to stress on what HOT Product (these are products in high demands that are not very common) to sell.

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eComX has range of unique hot products on their platform which you can pick one or more to sell; aside from that, they have also made available the marketing tools (sales page and Facebook ads creatives) needed to sell these products.

How You Make Money from eComX:

You choose a product you want to sell; this product can be listed for say N1,500 and the Sellable Price Range (this is the range of price you can sell the product) is N9,500 – N12,500.

If you decide to sell the product for N10,500; eComX has partnered with logistics companies who will help you deliver the product to your customer.

So when the cost of the product (N1,500) and cost of delivery (say N2,000) is deducted from your selling price (N10,500), the balance of N6,500 is paid to your account.

Now, imagine selling 50 pcs of that product in a week or in a month; that is a whooping N325,000 income. That is how lucrative the Mini eCom business is.

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To get started, all you need to do is Register on eComX and Subscribe to a plan.

There are 3 plans.

The first plan gives you access to Hot products only – subscribing to this plan means you can create the marketing tools required to make sales yourself.

The second plan gives you access to Hot products and sales page. Subscribing to this plan means you can make use of the provided sales page to sell the product either via Facebook ads or other form of marketing.

While the third plan gives you access to Hot products to sell, Sales page, and Facebook creatives which you can use to run Facebook ads on each product.

On each of these plans, there are videos that teach you how to set up your sales page yourself and also run Facebook ads yourself.

Implementing all of these will shoot up your sales and in-turn make you good money.

Visit the site on to get started now.

admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
Abbey Oyetunji is a Business Growth Strategist. An IT Mogul & Web Developer. Reach via mail: [email protected]



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