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Bad Infrastructure is Causing Bad Business For Badagry Resident SMEs, Lagos.

Businesses thrive when good infrastructures are put in place but this is not so for business owners and SMEs along the Badagry, Ojo, Alaba and Iba communities area of the Lagos Mainland.

Interviewing one of the shop owners in the biggest electronics market in Africa – Alaba International Market, he made us to understand that the bad road in the area has really brought about bad business for them as this is preventing customers from coming down to the market as opposed to when the road was manageable.

badagry resident road SMEs
The menace of Badagry road, Lagos.

According to Uche,we hardly resume our shops on time because of the traffic we experience coming down from our homes. The best option now is taking bike which is very risky, and even with the bike, there are still serious traffic. The road is so bad“.

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Another Ndubisi said, moving their goods from the port to their warehouse has become something else.

The state of the road is becoming depleted by the day and becoming a serious problem for commuters.

badagry road menace - SME Digest
Gridlock of bikers
Badagry express way - SMEs
Serious congestion
badagry express way - okokomaiko - lagos -SMEs
Urgent fix is needed – Commuters

The entire residents of this area is calling on the State Government to make a quick fix to this menace as this is in-turn affecting the economy of the state no matter how little.

The role of the government is putting in place basic infrastructure for economy to thrive, and that is what we are looking up to them to do as soon as possible; Emeka, a solar energy seller said.


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admin | Abbey Oyetunji
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