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How To Make Extra Income During The Lock-down Covid-19 Period

Globally, the covid-19 pandemic has instigated a great limitation in movement as a result, bringing about lock-down, border closures and flight restrictions in most countries. This however has brought so many businesses on hold and people running fast out of cash, but then, what if you could make some side-income to sustain yourself and family this period. I mean, income that don’t require you to go out of your home but still make some reasonable amount of money.

Anyways, these set of income opportunities have been in existence for decades, just that most people never thought it useful to expand their earning source via them or they’re purposely ignoring them.

In this article I’m going to show you how to make extra income that will be of great help in this trying times of covid-19 and still, will be useful to you after all this has ended.

So, let’s go.

But before then, while some of these has the capacity of making you income from the very first day, some might take a little bit of time but what is most important is, you need to master them well enough to start making money.

1. Forex Trading

Forex Trading involves the buying and selling of currency pairs. The overall idea of how it works is; buying a currency pair when the base currency is gaining more value and selling the currency pair when the base currency is losing out on value. So take for example; a currency pair of say; GBP/USD – that is Great Britain Pounds vs United State Dollar. The GBP in this example is the base currency while USD is the counter currency. If the GBP is gaining more strength than the USD, then you place a “BUY” trade. With that, you tend to make money as the value keeps increasing, and this increase/decrease happens every seconds so much the market is live. Same thing with “SELLING” the trade if GBP is losing value. Now, you get to know when a currency pair is likely to lose or gain value with the help of pre-installed indicators on the trading platform. While these indicators can be right at times, some times they are wrong as well as the market conditions are determined by several factors.

Forex Trading is interesting to get into but then there is a general rule of law to trading Forex that almost every expert will tell you and that is – Don’t Be Greedy and Don’t Trade with Emotions.

I strictly advice you learn the ropes yourself and make the trades yourself if you want to get on with trading Forex rather than trusting your hard earned money to someone to trade on your behalf or subscribing to trading signals of some UN-recognised experts; many of such situations have always ended up tragic.

Interested in making extra income from Forex Trading? One place you want to go start your Forex Trading tutorial right now for 100% FREE is the School of Pipsology. The School of Pipsology is a free online course that helps beginners learn how to trade Forex. If you’ve always wanted to learn to trade but have no idea where to begin, then this course is for you.

You can as well Get started with a FREE $500 Bonus to commence Trading LIVE, powered by InstaForex. To begin, Click HERE. Get FREE $500 to Startup your Forex Trading right now, LIVE Trading, NOT demo account.

2. Online Course

This lock-down period, people are looking out on learning new things, especially things that will better their career, make them a better person or improve on their health once this covid times are over.

Guess what? One of the most search phrases on google since the lock-down is “How to make money online“. A lot of people are searching for alternative means right now. If you have a skillset that can help someone make money online, while at home, this is the time to put up a course to that effect and get it out there.

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This period, courses on How to lose weight will also sell rapidly as everybody is home and exposed to potential causes of additional weight. You want to put up a course on “exercising your body to the perfect shape” as well, or a bookkeeping accounting cost, most especially for small business owners who haven’t got all the time before now to getting really involved with the accounting process of their business.

You also want to put up a course on Facebook Advertising like what we have HERE, that will teach business owners how to run their facebook ads themselves with great potential of increasing their business sales rather trusting that to agencies or people that don’t care about their business growth.

So, name it; this is the right time to sell that course and cash out big time as everyone is at home and less busy.

3. Affiliate Marketing

I’ve written on this time without number tho but on this lock-down period, you want to focus on affiliate marketing that deals with digital products only. Yes, you know quite well there are affiliate marketing for physical products, and this will require distribution and all that, but now that most businesses are shut down, you want to focus on ‘affiliating’ digital products. Platforms to get on with that are; Jvzoo, Warrior plus, Clickbank, Expertnaire, Web Hosting Sites, etc. You want to quickly do a search on each of them.

There are various niches on these platforms ranging from Make money niche to Health, to Sport, etc. You first want to decide on the niche you want to play-in, then build a list around people interested in that niche and then you start marketing to them.

Now let me break it down for you in a lay man’s understanding.

Say you hover unto any of the mentioned platforms above and you decide to play in the Weight Loss Niche.

What you’ll have to do next is build your list around that niche and what that means is getting the list of prospective customers that will be interested in your weight loss niche and how do you do that? One way to do that is by offering a FREE report (either in ebook, video or webinar) on topic related to weight loss. Now for your prospects to access this free report, they ought to provide you with their details such as their name and active email address. Once you’ve successfully built a handful list say 100 – 1000 of them, you then continue offering them freebies in form of newsletters or another free ebook or webinar again. This time, you still don’t want them to see you like you got their details so you can sell them something.

You want them to see you as someone who’s passionate about their problem. Then after a couple of say 2 weeks of freebies, you can now introduce a minimal premium (say from $10 – $27 worth) course or ebook or training to them. At this point you’ll get a couple of patronage because these people now have confidence in you.

Now, you don’t have to bother yourself on how to get these course/ebook/webinars. You can get them from any of the affiliate portal and sell to your list for commission, and that is how you can make lots of income from Affiliate Marketing!

Hope it is well understood?

4. Blogging

The fourth extra income stream we want to look into, this lock-down period is Blogging.

Truth is, this requires a lot of time and recognition before you can start making money with it but I’m going to show you how to speed things up and start earning faster than you can think of.

First and foremost, you don’t want to start blogging like everybody and by that I mean, you don’t want to be generic, like creating a news blog or an entertainment blog or name it. NO!!!!

You want to be very specific and focused!

Now, instead of creating a Health Blog, I want you to focus on creating a blog for a particular health problem. You can create a blog specifically for Pile Problem or Ulcer Problem or Appendices problem, name it.

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FOCUS on a sub-sub-niche of a generic niche.

Instead of blogging on entertainment, while not create a blog solely focused on how to upload your music on itunes and make money from it or Getting endorsement deal as an artiste; just be creative to carve out a sub-sub-niche from a very large niche/industry.

Are you catching the point at all?

Instead of creating a blog for Cars, create a blog for Carburetors, create a blog for Car interiors, etc. I know you might be thinking of what to post on the blog; there are thousands of write-ups on anything you can think of online. You want to make google your friend. So, be ready to search, research, read, modify and come up with unique write-ups. Another way is outsourcing content creation on There are people who can come up with any article you want on fiverr for just $5. Engage them for a bulk of content for discounted price and you’ll get articles to be published for a very long time.

Now that you have a unique blog (something that is not common), the uniqueness alone will make it go viral on its own once you begin to engage your friends on Facebook, whatsapp, twitter and LinkedIn about your new blog and its content. You’ll start gaining some chunks of traffic.

To now speed things up, you want to create a Facebook Page of your blog and run some paid advert. Depending on your budget, you can run Facebook ads of $5 and above. Note that the more you spend, the more people you get to reach.

And very important, don’t forget to create a pop-up that collects visitors’ details as they visit your blog. This way, you’re going to be building a list of your readers and people interested in the subject of your blog which can definitely be monetized on the long run.

5. YouTube Channel

Video is being the most consumed content right now, I mean, you can see almost everyone doing TikTok, this is just a good time for tiktok right now, but then you can go a step further to commercialising your video content by creating a YouTube channel and monetising it.

Having a YouTube channel isn’t difficult. In-fact with a gmail account you’re already entitled to a YouTube account and channel.

You want to start populating your channel with consumable content, by that I mean content that people are obviously hungry for. Now that you’re home, this is the best time to start that cooking channel, channel on what you’re interested in, you can even create a channel on how to play games, the PS and the rest, I will be your first subscriber as I’ve been longing on how to play PS games 🙂

Content is King! So you want to make sure you’re creating a channel you won’t have to struggle to get content on, and another thing is, consistency. You’ve got to be consistent with dishing out your content. Your consistency might be once daily and by 4pm; or twice weekly – Mondays and Thursdays; or once a week; just be consistent with a definite time. With this, people know when to expect your content and will be on the look out for it.

So you can now monetise your channel with google ads. Here you have to link your channel to your adsense account. See here for more details on that. As people are watching your videos and clicking on the ads overlay on your videos, you’re earning money.

Another way of monetising your channel is by also offering either a premium course, ebook or subscription for sale off your channel.

Let’s bring it to a halt here with these 5 above, there are more tho but these are top notch, I want to encourage you to pick at least one and go make it a reality today. Even after this pandemic is all over you’d be grateful you did.

Go take action RIGHT NOW!

admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
Abbey Oyetunji is a Business Growth Strategist. An IT Mogul & Web Developer. Reach via mail: [email protected]


  1. Hello Abbey,

    Thank you so kindly for taking out time to do remedy as regards the world pandemic of our time.

    To add to your list however:
    One can start rendering blog freelance writing services at this time.

    If there's anytime most blog owners are finding it a herculean task to produce content, it's now.

    If you're a spare hand in blogging, probably aren't blogging actively at the moment, why not reach out to blog owners in your niche, pitch your services and you'll be so amazed at how many yes response you'll get now.

    To tip you on landing a handful of opportunities, kindly follow the below steps:

    1. Draw out a list of about 15 to 20 blogs to reach out in a day.

    2. Study how their content are being churn out and published.

    3. Find out what they're lacking you think they should include in their reads.

    4. Pitch them individually with respect to their specialty.

    Your pitch should be top notch, emphasize on why they need your service, be brief about it but make known your point.

    5. Include links to your top notch content published in other blogs already. This clears doubt on your ability.

    6. Send a follow up mail after 48 hours in case you didn't get response,

    7. Rinse and repeat this process persistently on daily basis.

    The more the number of outreach daily, the more your chances.

    Don't let Boredoms kill your productivity at this time, money is changing hands daily as I write, get busy and you'd wish the lockdown continues (lolz)..

  2. Nice points Abbey, I don't need to add more point again since Raphael has pointed out another key point… And there is no how you will complain of money if you choose of the above points and follow up..


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