Another Big Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Starting Up

Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Starting Up

Ok, so few weeks ago we published One of The Biggest Mistakes New Founders Make When Starting a Business, today, here is just another set of mistakes we think most entrepreneurs make when starting out.

Not spending money on marketing and people who are smarter than them!

A bold claim right!

Let’s break it down.

New Businesses face One major challenge.


What is worse? no one even cares either!

Marketing will change that. Most entrepreneur I see, set up a website, Facebook page, and expect visitors, traffic and leads to magically appear.

According to statistics, in the first Q of 2019 164,000 domains are registered every hour. Let that sink in….. that’s 2678 domains every minute.

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No one is ever going to find you unless you market your business to them.

Forget Virtual, forget organic. You need a simple 2 step solutions;

  1. Content creation
  2. Paid traffic

Ok, now the next thing I see always missing.

Employing smarter people than you!

As entrepreneurs tend to, by default, think we are the smartest people in the room, the problem with this is that we all have areas we are terrible at.

Understand your own weaknesses and shortcoming then find people to fill those gaps. This will ensure you are successful.

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