Want To Start a Business But Don’t Have any Idea Yet? Read This!

What Do Most Startups Get WRONG 2

“Why can’t I find a good business opportunity?” asked Luigi.

“Luigi, you will not find one until you believe in yourself,” answered Mario.

“What do you mean?” Luigi asked.

“Business opportunities are everywhere around you, but you ignore them because you simply say to yourself, ‘That’s too difficult,’ or ‘That’s too much work.’”

Luigi just sat there not knowing what to say.

Mario continued, “Stop your blame game. Stop blaming the economy, the politicians, your teachers, your parents. It’s up to you to change your circumstances, not anyone else!”

“So, where do you suggest I find a good business opportunity, Mario?” asked Luigi.

“Whenever you start believing in yourself, you will start INVESTING in yourself. When you invest in your knowledge and changing your mindset, the world around you will illuminate and you’ll SEE everything differently.”

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