Why Should You Risk Starting a Business When Most Startups Fail!

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Tell me something…

  • Do you trust strangers?
  • Isn’t it risky to trust strangers?

Well, hold that answer for 5 seconds …

Now let me take you to a job fair:

I’m going to throw you into this room full of strangers so you can find a job and “feel” safe …

Isn’t this what a “safe job” is? Entrusting your career, your future, your life, your talent, your full potential, your passion, your dreams, your freedom, your family’s financial security to the hands of a stranger?

  • What if these “strangers” are not making the right decisions?
  • What if these “strangers” can’t afford you anymore?
  • What if these “strangers” don’t need you anymore?
  • What if these “strangers” can simply replace you with a robot or AI?
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As our world evolves into the new economy — it is predicted that automation will take over millions of “safe industrial-age jobs.

  • During bad economic times, it’s the employees who lose their job, not the business owners.
  • As you get older, fatigue will remind you what risk looks like.
  • As technology advances, if you don’t stay relevant, you are at a bigger risk of being disrupted.
  • I teach on my website, “Ignorance will be the #1 reason for poverty in the decades ahead.” — Being under-educated in the Digital Age is risky.
  • The source of wealth in the Digital Age is information and knowledge.[1]
  • Following the old “Industrial Age” mindset is risky.
  • Believing that a college degree will guarantee you financial freedom is risky.
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I could go on and on, but here’s the bottom line…

Why risk starting your business?

To take control of YOUR life!

Be 100% accountable for YOUR destiny. Sadly, we live in a very selfish world, nobody cares about you or me. NOT your government leaders, your teachers, your social security workers, your boss… nobody!

Please remember this:

Waking up every morning in this changing world is risky!

The rules of the Industrial Age don’t work anymore! What worked for our parents won’t work for us anymore! A job is not safe anymore!

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