Success Strategies You Can Learn From Ben Murray-Bruce, Founder, Silverbird Group


Ben Murray-Bruce is not only a politician but also a staunch businessman. Alongside being the founder of Silverbird Group, he is also a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Below are the few things we can learn from him.


You don’t need “big bucks” to start a business.

Prior to his appointment as senator, Bruce had already established a business empire in the form of Silverbird Group. He admitted that show biz came to him by chance but it was his passion that made him and Evelyn, his wife, establish Silverbird magazine in 1980. He could have waited to inherit his father’s business, Domino stores, but he chose to forge his own path in the entertainment world. His startup capital at that time was a loan of N20,000 from his father. Who would have thought that the loan he took from his father at that time would be today converted to what can only be called a business empire. Though in his early twenties at the time, he did a great job with Silverbird, turning it into what today is one of the most popular entertainment companies in Nigeria, if not worldwide.

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Challenging times will definitely come and only the strong will remain

Bruce has faced several turbulent times in the socio-economic climate but has remained dogged through tough determination and perseverance. His very first business concept, Silverbird magazine, was unable to secure enough patronage to keep running. Bruce didn’t quit, on the contrary he moved on to another area of entertainment, staging and promoting concerts across Nigeria. Despite his father’s opposal to show biz, Bruce remained unwavering in his goals.

Don’t let circumstances limit your creativity

He believes in success despite circumstances of birth as he said: “We have people like Kanu Nwankwo, these kids were not born rich but they made life. Choose the path of success and you will make it. If I could make it at what I did, you can make it too but you have to work hard”. His hard work has paid off in what today is an entertainment conglomerate, Silverbird group. The secret of success according to Bruce is; self-knowledge, self-respect, and self-discipline.


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Do the unusual for unusual results

During his time at NTA, Senator Bruce had at one time instead of recruiting new hands, promoted the already existing hands on deck. At the time this had seemed unusual and many of his colleagues frowned at it but he was simply following a basic instinct. To him, it wouldn’t be fair for a driver to remain a driver all the days of his life and never own a car of his own. He decided to effect change starting from those within and around him. Years later, those who he promoted and trained became significant players of NTA.


As a founder, toeing Senator Ben Murray Bruce steps can lead to success. Turning N20,000 into the business conglomerate it is today certainly took a lot of hard work and complementing wisdom.


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