Why Many Startups Fail

why startups fail

Why do so many startups fail?

The Bicycle Dilemna:

There are two types of cycle entrepreneurs:

*Bicycle entrepreneur

*Tricycle entrepreneur.

The bicycle has no stands.

If you lose balance, you fall.

Thus you encounter a difficulty.

The tricycle, however, has supports. It’s a safety net where even if you don’t know how to ride, you pass as a pro-cyclist.

In the business battle-field, true ownership means riding the bicycle. You lose balance- the workers are abusive, the profits shred- after losing balance, you fail then you rise again.

The road to success is embedded in failure. If you hate failure then you won’t learn. If you don’t learn then you won’t grow. If you don’t grow then you remain stagnant. You drown on the same road with mediocres.

The safety net, the silver spoon are all concepts of a mind dreading failure. If you want to truly learn and grow and be financially independent then you must learn to fail.


Frequent your mind with nothing but failure. Start doing things the wrong way intentionally. Let the rice get burnt on the stove. Start brushing with the wrong hand. If someone says you are successful, doubt it. Triumph with failure.

Many startups fail because they don’t fail.

The warrior in Greece always had to frequent himself with the lion. It was his opponent thus he had to get its tactics. He spent much of his time learning about how it attacked, its weakness points and its strong points.

  • Key points:
  • Fear of failure leads to inactivity.
  • Inactivity leads to stunted growth
  • Limited growth causes failure
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{Disclaimer: The answer is from the Biology of Success}

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