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Overcoming Challenges of Starting A Small Business

small business challenges

Challenges are a part of human life; some face it in education, some in business, some in professions, and some in relationships/families. Nevertheless, what distinguishes us from others is the manner we handle those challenges. Giving in to hardships is easy; standing up to them with a positive mindset is the mark of real courage and also strong leadership.

Challenges are a significant part of entrepreneurship. Just like a plant requires a lot of care to grow into a healthy tree, a new business also demands constant effort, dedicated hard work and, of course, the power to overcome challenges. Find out solutions to overcome your business problems by going through this articles!

Build Strong Peer Relations

If you have just started a business, that means you have hired many new individuals to fill in various job roles. For a successful running of your business, it is extremely crucial that you build an ambience of trust between you and your workers. Build strong peer relations with them; organise weekly meetings not only to keep them updated with company news and plans but also to get their suggestions as well as feedback. Listen to what every person has to say and also offer help with their work-related problems. Be considerate to your workers, and they are sure to bring back the favour.

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Handle the Budget

One of the biggest challenges a small business face is the division of resources for several projects. Some projects will probably return high profit while others might fall short. The best solution to this problem is to devise a strategy as well as estimate the time and expenses needed to carry out a project before executing any plan. If you calculate the estimated cost of a project (s), it will help you distribute your budget by giving priority to projects with higher effectiveness as well as a lower cost.

Make use of Social Media to Attract Clients

If you are managing a business enterprise, your resources are limited, and you cannot spend a lot on extensive advertising and promotional campaigns. This is where social media are useful for making your business known. To start with, promote your business via social networking sites (facebook, twitter and so on.) and get help from your buddies by asking them to share the business link. Once you feel you have got enough customers, go for wide-scale advertising and marketing. It would indeed work!

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Publicise Unique Features of your product or service

One thing to keep in mind; your company is not the only one with the product/services you might be offering; there are numerous competitors out there in the marketplace. Gaining an advantage over competitors is a big challenge for new businesses (small businesses) which can be defeated by promoting the unique features of your product. Be proactive and also find influencers that will help you advertise your product or service and increase your social media presence. Make your product information easy to find and make sure clients are aware of what distinguishes you from the others.


Ukwadia Matthew is a graduate from Houdegbe North American University, Benin republic, holds Bsc in Management Info System. An entrepreneur and an online freelancer, covering content/ article writing, building of dynamic website/blog with wordpress and also designs business cards. 08069667420. Email: [email protected]


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