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The Entrepreneur’s Morning Routine

What is an entrepreneur’s morning routine?

  1. Waking Up Refreshed – This is usually around 4–6 a.m., although there are entrepreneurs that wake up as late as 9 a.m. and, in rare cases, even later. It is not about when you get up but that you get up at a time that makes you most productive and that gives you 8 hours of rest.
  2. Looking At Their Dreams – They are either so familiar with their dreams that they know them by heart and can visualize them first thing in the morning, have pictures to trigger them or have a journal next to their bed to re-write them each morning. Entrepreneurs will always, in some form, remind themselves of why it is they do what they do.
  3. Exercise – Usually Entrepreneurs will start with a bit of exercise in the morning. This can be anything from a full workout or run, to just a walk around the block or some stretching. Anything that gets the blood pumping a little bit or breaking a sweat at best works.
  4. Work – Or rather, “Eating that Frog”, as Brian Tracy puts it. In the morning successful Entrepreneurs will tackle the biggest, hardest, task of the day as soon as possible. That depends on the Entrepreneur but it never involves replying to others. It is the most important thing they need to do, and likely the thing that most people would avoid and procrastinate on.
  5. A Healthy Breakfast – There are different kinds of breakfasts that work here, and you’ll have to look at a nutritionist to see which one works best, as there are very many split opinions on the matter, but what I’ve found is that it is that most Entrepreneurs eat a low-fat breakfast that has a decent amount of calories or protein, combined with some form of juice or sweet fruits and a coffee.
  6. Cold Showers – More for the sake of discipline than enjoyment. There are benefits to hot and cold showers, but cold showers do work better in the morning to kickstart the body.
  7. Meditation/Breathing Exercises – Not all Entrepreneurs do this, but an increasing number have begun to focus their minds. Just like with the reminders of their why Meditations help to zone them into what matters and potentially release any stress they might have on the day ahead.
  8. (Optional) Working On A Side Project – This is only for starting entrepreneurs. Starting Entrepreneurs work on their entrepreneurial projects before their regular work day. I have many clients who get up really early to work on their own business before they head to work. (Example: One client works on his music business for 3 hours before he heads to his IT job that starts at 9 a.m.)
  9. Podcasts/Audiobooks on Commutes – Should they have to commute to work Entrepreneurs will often improve their knowledge of topics by listening to podcasts or audiobooks. They make the most out of their time.
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These are the general building blocks of most routines, however, the way these are organized may differ.

Some Entrepreneurs work first and exercise later, others shower first thing in the morning and just do some light exercising later, and others need their breakfast before they can get anything done.

How this is organized does not matter.

What matters is that this routine works for them.

Through a lot of trial and error, they have figured out what results in the most progress for them.

This is what their routine is designed around and why they do it in that way; Everything has a purpose for being there and for being in that order.

That being said, your routine will look slightly different too, and will likely change as you move forward, for what works for you today may not work the best for you tomorrow.


Remember that all routines are subject to constant change, and if you do not keep up with them, they will fall apart eventually.

Focus on why you want a strong morning routine and adjust it accordingly to that end result.

That way you will always switch things around if you must but will keep the core building blocks.




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