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An Entrepreneur’s Diary of Being Broke and in Debt – Pt. 4

What if I faked my own death?

The thought did cross my mind briefly.

But I couldn’t.

Death was not something I toyed around with.

No, I’m not scared of death. After all, no one would leave this world alive. But I had experienced it way too often to toy with it.

In 20 years, I had lost my father (1999), my elder sister (2012) and my immediate younger sister (2019). Faking it, and my mother hearing it, might be fatal.

During the lock-down proper that we all had to spend most days indoors, I began to think of how best to maximize time. So I started to read the Bible, specifically, the Book of Proverbs. After reading chapter 1, I rewrote the chapter as a story that buttressed the core principles therein. The idea and the execution came easily and quickly.

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The next day, I read chapter 2, and again I rewrote the chapter as a story that buttressed the core principles therein.

In less than three weeks, I had written 15 stories based on the first 15 chapters of the Book of Proverbs.

“Kai, when you broke, ideas go dey drag for attention inside your head.”

Anyway, I edited it, and also used Grammarly for editing. Voila! I had an E-book ready to sell.

At this point, you are probably expecting a fairy tale spin to it, that I sold 1 million copies. Me sef was expecting the same thing o.

After an initial flurry of family and friends paying for some copies, things slowed down.

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So I picked up the Bible again and wrote about (The Untold Story of) Uriah the Hittite. I wrote it like I would like to see it in a movie.

After that, I delved into an aspect of writing I had never fully done before, fictional storytelling. And voila! Two books were birthed – The Way of the Lion and Smoking Guns & Bleeding Streets.

How do you sell books of fiction when people are losing jobs and businesses are crashing?

I don’t know too. I’m just a writer, so I write.

But I have this dream that someone would come buy the rights to the books and turn them into movies.

“Baba God, if you are reading this, please treat as urgent!!!”

Olumide Holloway
Olumide Holloway
Olumide Holloway, better known as "Olulu, the King not from Zulu" is a POET-prenuer, Writer, Spoken Word Artist, Content Provider and Concept Developer. He is a major promoter of WORD UP (a foremost Spoken Word Poetry event in Nigeria), and War Of Words (the biggest spoken word poetry competition in Nigeria, that discovers, nurtures and promotes new and emerging poets in Nigeria). His core purpose is to build capacity in people using Spoken Word Poetry as a tool, mode of expression, and as a medium to address, (as well as, solve) issues that affect the society. You can connect with him via Instagram @olulutheking, Twitter @olulu4ever, email: [email protected].


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