10 Habits To Emulate from The Rich

Habits of the rich to emulate

What are some habits that separate the rich from the poor?

  1. Rich people spend their money to save time — poor people don’t value their time.
  2. Rich people look to successful people for advice — poor people listen to everyone’s advice.
  3. Rich people think about new ways to provide value — poor people think about making a quick buck.
  4. Rich people educate themselves about money, investing. — poor people escape into entertainment.
  5. Rich people multiply their money by investing — poor people only think about working for money.
  6. Rich people live within their budget — poor people make impulsive buys to impress others.
  7. Rich people focus on creating an upward spiral in their life — poor people stay in a misery loop.
  8. Rich people find successful people to network with — poor people spend time with broke people.
  9. Rich people know wealth is built long-term — poor people want the money tomorrow.
  10. Rich people plan their expenses — poor people have no clue.
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