What Degree Can Make You a Millionaire?

what degree can make you millionaire

If your degree is a commodity in the marketplace, you don’t stand a chance.

The more people who can do your job, the cheaper your job will become.

But it gets worse…

Technology is also working hard to take over your job. White collar, or blue collar, it doesn’t matter… innovators are working hard to do what you do, but faster, cheaper and with fewer errors.

The more technology advances, the cheaper your job will become.

What degree can make you a millionaire?

Selling your skills is not very likely to make you millions.

You must have this in mind to increase your odds of making millions in the decades ahead:

  1. People ONLY care about themselves. They don’t care how hard you work or how many degrees you have. All they care is what you can GIVE them or how you can improve THEIR lives.
  2. STOP trying to increase your value (by simply adding more degrees) with the goal of increasing your paycheck. Stop focusing on what you can DO.
  3. Focus on serving OTHERS. Focus on how you can improve their lives, by GIVING them value, so you get compensated for what you deliver them.
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REMEMBER: In today’s technology-driven economy, value is not in your credentials. It’s what value you can deliver to others.

You will only be able to make millions when you manage to deliver millions in “value” to other people.

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