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8 Barriers Standing Between You and Your Private Jet

So you want a Private Jet? Well, they dont come easy, and youre going to have to add more value than anyone else to get one. Remember, you can have shiny toys, just dont become obsessed with them. Earning a Private Jet is tough, and you are going to have to battle the demons inside your own mind to get one. Because its inside your mind thatsuccesshappens. You find out how toadd enormous value, andfigure out how to getthe cash/money and walk into a private jet dealership and tell them Ill have that one over there.Im not talking about leasing one.I’m talking about paying cold hard cash for one.

Listen, I’m not talking about a real jet here.Rather than focus on the material item of a private jet, let the jet be a metaphor for what is possible and what you can achieve. Its time to put your head down, and study what I am about to tell you.Below are the ten barriersstanding between you and your success — and a Private jet:

  1. You lack the mindset.

The mindset you have right now is determined by the ideas and attitudes that shape the way you think. If your mindset sucks, then its time to get a new set of attitudesand a fresh set of ideas into that sponge we call your brain. Master the mind and youll get that Private jet. All the points from here on are secondary.

  1. You dont believe anything is possible.

If you have ridiculous beliefs about how the world works, then you are going to get ridiculous results. Those results could be ridiculously incredible or ridiculously dismal. What you believe is your choice. Ronaldo and others who are flying their own jet just believe its possible to own one. Theyre no smarter than you. All they have is a killer set of beliefs.

  1. You think that you dont need to work hard.
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Ill let you in on a little secret. No one whoflies a private jet does so or got one by doing the bare minimum. They didnt leave work at 5:01 p.m. or suck up to their bosses. They went out,slayed the demonsand sold themselves to whoever would listen. While their competitors were winding down at 5 p.m., they were just getting started.

  1. You spend your time looking at others peoples success.

If you spent last night on Instagram looking at all the perfect butts that have been filtered to the same color as an orange smoothie, then chances are youre focused on other people’s success and not your own. The success you are seeing other people have is a figment of your imagination. Most of these Instagram, wannabe influencers are not real and can hardly wake up in the morning from the hangover of all the fakeness they posted the night before.

Focus on your success and what daily habits you need to implement to compound your results and build momentum. Success is a result of small steps every day that build momentum towards some monster goal that will wipe the smile of any smuck.


  1. You do business with the barely breathing.

In business, there are those with passion and those who are barely breathing. The ones you want to work with are the ones that have passion oozing out of their eyes. Be known for dealing with the best suppliers, the best recruitersand hiring the best people. Be known for being the best at your craft.

  1. Youre not truly following your passion.

You cant fake passion. Sometimes we lure ourselves into the comfortable life by telling ourselves lies about what we do to earn a living. Until you figure out what your passion is and what makes your heart beat just a little bit faster, youll continue to be trapped like a bear thats stumbled on a bear trap.Youll know when you are living your passion every day because it wont feel like work, and youll stop looking forward to the weekend. Each day you wake up, it will feel like the weekend. Your reason for pushing beyond the barriers of success will become clearer, and you wont live in fear anymore.

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  1. Your ego is out of control.

Just because you have had a little bit of success at something, dont think that gives you the right to be a punk and talk down to people. Your ego is your enemy, not your friend. Your ego makes you think you’re invincible, and it stops you from taking the advice that might give you the strategy you need to get your private jet.

  1. You wont get started now.

Talk is cheap, and everyone talks a good game. Action is what is stopping you from getting that private jet. Take consistent action and be prepared to fail and learn a lot. With every blunder comes the opportunity to do it better next time. Dangote didnt wake up one day and become some genius business mogul. He played the markets for years and most importantly, he played the long game. He wasnt trying to make a million bucks overnight. He used his patience, negotiation powerand swagger to leverage his position. The more you talk about what youre going to do, the more yourcompetitors are going to outdo you in every facet.

At this junction, what is standing in the way of your Private Jet?

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admin | Abbey Oyetunji
admin | Abbey Oyetunji
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