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Does Financial Success has anything to do with LUCK?

How big of a role do you think luck plays in achieving financial success?

“We’ll have better luck next time,” my dad said.

“But, Dad, we can’t go without catching any fish!” I said almost crying.

My first fishing experience had been a disaster.

“Dad, why is it so difficult to catch a fish?” I asked while we were walking off the fishing pier towards our car.

“This wasn’t the right night. I didn’t see anyone getting lucky today. We’ll try again tomorrow.”

I couldn’t sleep that night, waiting for another chance.

I was about six years old, yet I’ll never forget my frustration. My father was doing the best he could, yet he’s never had the passion, nor the patience for fishing. He was doing it for me.

The next day we went a little earlier, before the sunset, “Today is our lucky day — we’ll catch some fish today!” my dad said with an encouraging tone in his voice.

We tried hard that day …

Again. Nothing. No luck!

Our trip was about to end. My frustration was talking over my emotions, while my dad, with his lack of patience, was going crazy.

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On our way out, a man saw my tears of frustration and called his attention to my dad, “Sir?”

With no patience, my dad ignored him wanting to get out of there.

“Excuse me, Sir?” the man insisted.

“Yes?” my dad answered.

“Sir, you’re fishing in the wrong location. There are no fish during this season at this pier. You’ve got to go here,” the man said, pointing his finger to a spot on a map.

“Are you sure?” my dad said. “We’ve had NO LUCK these last couple of days.”

“Yes, Sir, I’ve been living on this island my whole life, I know where the fish are.”

I immediately interrupted, “Please take me there, Dad! Please!” I begged jumping up and down with great excitement.

“Well,” my dad said, “don’t get too excited. We will still need to get lucky to catch something.”

“No, Sir,” the man said, “fishing is NOT about getting lucky.”

“What do you mean?” my dad asked.

“Yes, you will need luck to catch the largest fish, but If you know WHERE you’re fishing, you don’t need luck. You’ve just got to be persistent in throwing the line. Sooner or later, the fish always bite!”

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My father later took me to that fishing location and we caught fish until we ran out of bait.

That was one of the best experiences of my life!

I’ll never forget that night — and my father has many times shared with me the lesson he learned that summer, “Son, remember: you get lucky when you fish in the right location.”

So, to answer your question, how big of a role do you think luck plays in achieving financial success? Why?

“You’ll get lucky when you fish in the right location. If there are no fish in the water, you’ll NEVER get lucky.” That’s what my father would tell me.

Want to get lucky?

Find an expert who can show you to HOW to achieve financial success — only by “fishing” in the right location will you be given an opportunity to get lucky.



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